Pregnant and Parenting Students

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”) is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery from related conditions, and parental status —in educational programs and activities. Access more information and learn more about your protections under Title IX.

If you have questions after reviewing this page, you can reach out to the Deputy Title IX Coordinator ( or 513-529-1870) to further discuss your plan and the protections available to you.

Notifying the University

It is a personal decision of whether or not you will disclose to the university that you are expecting a child and/or have a child. Should you choose to inform the University, there is no mandated time frame in which to disclose. Choosing to notify allows university officials to assist you and others in the planning process to balance the expectations of a child (childbirth, delivery, parenting, etc.) as well as your academic commitment.

Campus Resources

Student Success Center

As you evaluate any changes to your academic aspirations, goals, or timeline, advisors in the Student Success Center are available to sit down with you, collaborate with advisors and faculty across campus, and help you develop a plan that works for you. Please email with any questions or to set up an appointment.


Review your academic program’s policies related to attendance. The Deputy Title IX Coordinator ( or 513-529-1870) can help facilitate communication with your faculty and program leadership to respond to reasonable requests. Reasonable requests are not guaranteed to be granted. You are encouraged to communicate early with instructors as you navigate your pregnancy or parenting needs along with your academic obligations.

Miami's policy library contains information on class attendance including absences due to pregnancy or related conditions, including the recovery from childbirth. 

Leave of Absence

You are not required to take a leave of absence or time off due to pregnancy or after a child is born. Should you choose to take time off, you are permitted to do so based on the medical recommendation of a primary doctor. It is important that you communicate with your instructors and supervisors regarding your plans for leave, in order to ensure a smooth return to campus.

International students: If you are considering requesting a leave of absence, we urge you to contact your ISSS advisor immediately, as this could require you to leave the country.


Students who are parents are not required to live on campus, regardless of year in school. First and second-year students will need to apply for a residency requirement exemption in order to be released from the requirement. If space is available in on-campus apartments, Campus Services Center will consider housing a student and their child.

Miami Cares

The Student Success Center offers Miami students in need with refurbished laptops, temporary/emergency housing, free meal swipes, as well as other financial resources. If you are in need, you can request assistance at Miami Cares.


Students who require accessible parking are welcome to park on campus with their state issued disability placard. A university parking permit is required to be used in conjunction with the placard. Please contact your doctor and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in your state of residence for information about obtaining a disability placard.

Miami also partners with Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) to provide accessible bus service to all Miami campuses and the surrounding Butler County, Ohio area. BCRTA also offers BCARE Paratransit Services to students with temporary and/or permanent disabilities who need door to door transportation.

Community Resources