What to Bring to On-Campus Orientation

In order to have the most successful orientation experience, it is important to bring the following items: 
  1. A laptop computer: Students will work with an academic advisor during orientation to select fall semester courses, and a fully charged laptop computer is required. Your laptop does not need to be the technology you will have as a new student. If you do not have a laptop available to you at the time of orientation, consider borrowing technology from someone to bring with you. If you are unable to bring a laptop, orientation and Transition Programs will have a very limited number of laptops available to borrow.
  2. Login information: Be sure to know your Miami University UniqueID and password for easy access to your Miami University account while on campus.
  3. Comfortable clothing and shoes: Orientation for all students and family members does include walking across campus and time both inside and outside. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes for your visit. Please also consider the weather forecast while packing.
  4. Notebook: Be prepared to take notes throughout your orientation program.
  5. Questions: We recommend you start a list now with questions you have about the Miami experience. Bring your list of questions to orientation; we want you to leave with all of your questions answered so you feel confident to begin your college journey.