About the Rinella Learning Center

Female student sitting on a bench in the hallway of Shriver near the rinella center, working on a laptop Female student sitting on a bench in the hallway of Shriver near the rinella center, working on a laptop
We are here for you, and together we will persist and thrive.

Welcome to the Rinella Learning Center! We are pleased to provide you with information about our programs and services.

We offer learning assessments, academic counseling and coaching, academic interventions, a study strategies course, a workshop series on effective study strategies, individual and group tutoring in high-demand subjects, Supplemental Instruction, and enrichment programming for targeted populations like the Scholastic Enhancement Program and the Access Fellows Program.

In addition, the Rinella Learning Center serves as a scholarly pre-professional experience for undergraduate tutors, Supplemental Instruction leaders, Undergraduate Associates and graduate student employees. We also house the university's testing center, designed to assist faculty in meeting their obligations to provide testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Our Mission

To holistically support students in reaching their personal academic goals by providing opporutnities to practice and strengthen learning skills and academic confidence. Guided by a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we provide collarborative learner-focused services through academic counseling, Supplemental Instruction, tutoring, and assets based mentoring programs, as well as accommodated test proctoring services.

Our Motto

"We meet the students where they are and go where they take us."

History of Academic Support at Miami University 

1912: First tutorial assistance offered at Miami University

1973: Office of Developmental Education established

1982: The Office of Developmental Education converted into the Office of Learning Assistance

2000: The office names was changed to the Bernard B. Rinella, Jr. Learning Center due to an endowment established by Bernard and Gloria Rinella in memory of their son Bernard Rinella, Jr.

2017: The Rinella Learning Center relocated to the heart of Miami University's campus in the Shriver Center

2019: The Rinella Learning Center is awarded the Learning Center of Excellence certification from the National College Learning Center Association


  • Learning Center of Excellence
  • College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)
  • Association for the Coaching and Tutoring Profession (ATP)