Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

Student Life uses assessment to improve our practice and our services. We count participants, track student learning outcomes, and review our programs on a regular basis.

Student Life Assessment Committee

The Student Life Assessment Committee supports student retention, learning, and success by providing leadership, oversight, and management for departmental and divisional assessment, evaluations, and priorities.

The focus of the Student Life Assessment Committee is on promoting accountability and credibility regarding assessment within the division, enhancing the culture of assessment and evaluation, and improving collaboration and communication with regard to assessment.


The committee is comprised of individuals from every office in the division and a representative from the Office of Institutional Research. The committee is chaired by the Associate Dean of Students.

Student Life Assessment Certificate Program

The Student Life Assessment Certificate Program (ACP) provides staff members the opportunity to experience an intentional, in-depth, and collaborative learning environment to deepen their understanding and application of assessment. Through small group conversations, readings, workshops and guest speakers, participants develop and refine their skills, capacities, and confidence surrounding assessment.

The year-long program is open to any professional staff member in the Division of Student Life, regardless of skill or specific responsibility for assessment.