Old Versus New Web Template

The old template and new template use different hues of red, so it is important to know which template your website uses if you create your own web graphics. The easiest way to tell if your website uses the old template or the new template is by looking at the header.

Does my website use the old or new template?
Old Template New Template
A Red header bar spans full width of browser window Red header bar does not span width of browser window (on desktop)
B Miami logo is outside of red header bar Miami logo is inside a red box
C Page title uses all caps Page title uses title case
D Top-right menu items are "Support Us" and "myMiami" Top-right menu items are "myMiami" and "Give to Miami"
E Magnifying glass icon is on the right of the search menu Magnifying glass icon is on the left of the search menu
F Menu is red with white text Menu is white with red text

Old Template

The old template has an

New Template

The new template does not have an

Which red should I use?

Old Template
Online only:
HEX: #B61E2E
RGB: 182, 30, 46

New Template
Online only:
HEX: #C3142D
RGB: 195, 20, 45