Academic Project Sites in Canvas

To request a Canvas Course site to be used as a master course, a training course, a space for sharing among committee members, graduate students, or other academic projects, go to Request a Canvas Site.

Click the green button on the right to get to the web form. It automatically fills in your personal information. Complete the form outlining the purpose for the course. Academic users should click on one of the academic uses on the "usage" drop-down question (e.g. "faculty group or committee collaboration," or "other purposes directly related to an academic program").

The form will be processed by IT Help Desk and you will be notified when the course is available for use. IT Help Desk will migrate any documents in the Niihka Resources folder into Canvas Files upon request in the Additional Comments section of the form.

Special training is available for staff members who support Canvas Project Sites. Please sign up for Staff Canvas Training on our Canvas Training page.