Ambassadors A-B

Rukaya Abdallah

photo of Rukaya AbdallahHometown: Chicago, IL
Class: Senior
Majors: International Studies; Political Science (with a minor in Arabic)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • has visited Ghana and United Arab Emirates
    • Model Arab League at Miami
    • love to travel and experience new things

Laylaa AbdoulKarim

photo of Laylaa AbdoulKarimHometown: Akron, OH
Class: Junior
Major: International Studies (with minors in Arabic; Global Perspectives on Sustainability)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • Model Arab League at Miami (Vice President)
    • Chi Omega fraternity (Panhellenic Delegate)
    • Resident Assistant

Lulu Abdun

photo of Lulu AbdunHometown: Memphis, TN
Class: Sophomore
Major: Psychology (with minors in Linguistics; Interactive Media Studies)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: psychology research in Culture, Affects, and Relationships Lab
    • Hillel: Association of Jewish Students (Vice President of Religion and Culture)
    • Diversity Affairs Council (Director of Ambassadors)

Virginia Agee

photo of Virginia AgeeHometown: Camden, OH
Class: Junior
Major: History
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • taught English and did sustainable construction in South East Asia
    • Commuter Council (Vice President)
    • Office of Orientation and Transition Programs (Student Coordinator)

Cole Agenbroad

photo of Cole AgenbroadHometown: San Diego, CA
Class: Senior
Major: Individualized Studies (with Sustainability co-major)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: recycling knowledge, habits, and initiative by students
    • studied away in Banff, Alberta
    • cooking, photography, hiking

Nick Aguilar

photo of Nick AguilarHometown: Loveland, OH
Class: Junior
Majors: Global Politics and Diplomacy; Spanish
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Granada, Spain (Fall 2016)

Hannah Alt

photo of Hannah AltHometown: Maumee, OH
Class: Sophomore
Major: English/Linguistics (with a minor in Japanese)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • reading and creative writing
    • philosophy and art

Chelsea Appiah

photo of Chelsea AppiahHometown: Pickerington, OH
Class: Senior
Major: English/Professional Writing (with Interactive Media Studies co-major)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • visited Ghana (Summer 2014)
    • Miami Mock Trial
    • Zeta Phi Beta sorority

Elise Aronson

photo of Elise AronsonHometown: Bay Village, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Individualized Studies
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: critical analysis of American and European academic and curatorial treatment of the "Non-Western" arts
    • ceramics and illustration

Sara Azalone

photo of Sara AzaloneHometown: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Class: Sophomore
Major: Political Science
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • University Academic Scholars Program-Law and Public Policy Scholar

Lilia Bandola

photo of Lilia BandolaHometown: Downers Grove, IL
Class: Freshman
Major: Anthropology
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • University Academic Scholars Program-Humanities Scholar
    • National Society of Leadership and Success
    • traveling and reading

Abby Begezda

photo of Abby BegezdaHometown: Youngstown, OH
Class: Senior
Major: Biology (with Premedical Studies co-major and minors in Disabilities Studies; Neuroscience)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: how selective fragmentation of the forests affects the genetic variability of northern white-footed mouse
    • traveled to Cusco, Peru and Riobamba, Ecuador to set up mobile health clinics (with MEDLIFE)
    • MEDLIFE (Secretary and VP of Expansion and Public Relations)

Alison Block

photo of Alison BlockHometown: Chesterfield Township, MI
Class: Senior
Major: English/Professional Writing (with minors in English Literature; German)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Luxembourg (Spring 2015)
    • interned at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; Miami University Press
    • Sigma Tau Delta English honors fraternity (Co-president, Social Chair)

Andrew Bollinger

photo of Andrew BollingerHometown: Grove City, OH
Class: Freshman
Major: German
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • Miami University Steel Band
    • reading mystery books
    • Spectrum

George Boutselis

photo of George BoutselisHometown: Columbus, OH
Class: Junior
Majors: Geography; Supply Chain Management and Operations (with a minor in Information Systems)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • studied abroad in Lima, Peru (January 2015)
    • Orthodox Christian Fellowship (President)
    • singing, watching all sporting events

Jacob Bruggeman

photo of Jacob BruggemanHometown: Brunswick, OH
Class: Sophomore
Majors: History; Political Science
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: political history of homelessness in the United States
    • studied abroad in Urbino, Italy (Summer 2016)
    • Miami University's Kaplan Test Prep Brand Ambassador

Amanda Bruno

photo of Amanda BrunoHometown: Parma, OH
Class: Senior
Majors: International Studies; Political Science (with a minor in Chinese)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: writing centers (Spring 2015)
    • visited China as part of Miami Chinese Cultural Traditions trip (January 2015)
    • Miami's Model United Nations

Heather Burich

photo of Heather BurichHometown: Deerfield, IL
Class: Sophomore
Major: History (with a minor in Art History)
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • research: medicine and the humanities (Altman Undergraduate Fellow 2016-2017)
    • undergraduate associate
    • Fred B. Joyner Scholarship recipient

Ceci Burtis

photo of Ceci BurtisHometown: Tiffin, OH
Class: Junior
Majors: Spanish; English/Literature
Out-of-Classroom Experiences/Interests:

    • University Academic Scholars Program
    • Student Orientation Undergraduate Leader
    • Chi Omega fraternity