Dean's Student Advisory Council

The Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is a group of students who represent a variety of majors in the college's different cognate areas. They serve as a liaison between the student body and the college administration, providing the Dean with student perspectives of current university issues and concerns. Members meet with the Dean and the academic advising office staff on a monthly basis. DSAC members are selected from students who have been nominated by faculty and staff.

Rukaya Abdallah

(Junior International Studies; Political Science majors)

Hopefully I can make an impact by influencing all types of diversity on campus.

Bob Carmichael

photo of Bob Carmichael(Senior Political Science; International Studies majors)

I hope to leave behind a better university, one that encourages students to think about the world beyond Miami.

Kyle Denman

photo of Kyle Denman(Senior Political Science major)

I hope to leave an impact on Miami that spreads awareness, happiness, and inspiration.

James Free

(Senior Geology major)

I hope to improve the undergraduate experience at Miami by improving the cohesion of my department and encouraging underclassmen to get involved in research and student organizations early.

Samantha Gauer

(Junior Religion; Media and Culture majors)

Nicholas Greene

photo of Nicholas Greene(Junior Medical Laboratory Science major)

With my valuable time here at Miami, I hope to further enhance the reputation the College of Arts and Science, and to help others make the most of their four amazing years at Miami.

Lucas Hall

(Senior Religion major)

Greta Hallberg

photo of Greta Hallberg(Senior Journalism; Economics majors)

I want to leave Miami better than when I found it.

Katie Hinh

photo of Katie Hinh(Sophomore Anthropology; East Asian Languages and Culture majors)

I hope that at Miami I can make an impact of being myself and being accepting. In the world now people judge others and are afraid of being themselves. My hope is to be kind and let others feel safe and accepted no matter what they choose to do.

Blake Jackson

(Senior Economics major)

Bergan Koch

photo of Bergan Koch(Senior Anthropology major)

I hope that the people I have met while at Miami will remember me as being their friend and supporter and proof that no matter who you are as an individual, what you look like (to yourself or others), the things you do or say, your beliefs and ideas are valuable.

Sarah Manning

photo of Sarah Manning(Senior International Studies; Religion majors)

Having been involved in such a wide set of interests, I hope to inspire other Miami students to embrace opportunities to practice leadership and diversity in all aspects of their time at Miami.

Maeva Metz

photo of Maeva Metz(Senior Microbiology major)

I hope to graduate knowing I made my voice heard on important matters that I saw lacking as I went through my years here, that way, the future Miamians face policies and programs that have been improved and strengthened with time so they can receive the up-most benefit from them.

Joe Neidhard

photo of Joe Neidhard(Senior English Literature major)

I hope that I can bring a spirit of open-mindedness and discernment to the Miami community. I put a great deal of personal focus on improving my understanding of the world through questioning and skepticism—a viewpoint that has been constantly tuned by Miami's academic regimen.

Neena Patel

photo of Neena Patel(Senior Microbiology major with a Premedical Studies co-major)

I hope to help make CAS students more successful in their endeavors after Miami.

Katie Poppe

(Senior History; Religion majors)

Ben Sandlin

photo of Ben Sandlin(Senior Chemistry major)

I hope to leave a lasting impact on the students that will follow me. I want students in the years to come to realize that you can pursue your passions—mine happens to be chemistry and law—while still being able to find a major, minor and career that will fit into those passions.

Kevin Schrock

photo of Kevin Schrock(Senior Public Administration major with a Sustainability co-major)

I hope to be able to encourage efficiency and practicality in the events and programs suggested by the DSAC.

Hannah Shepherd

photo of Hannah Shepherd(Junior Political Science major)

Sydney Stiles

photo of Sydney Stiles (Senior International Studies major)

I hope to leave Miami feeling that I made a positive contribution to the College of Arts and Sciences through my genuine love of the International Studies department. I hope to leave my professors with the assurance that their continued support and guidance has been the foundation to my success at Miami University.

Katie Wernke

(Junior International Studies major)

Kelsi White

photo of Kelsi White(Senior Political Science; East Asian Languages and Culture majors)

I hope that I can do my best to help promote the image of academic success and a well-rounded education that Miami strives to provide each student. I also hope that the work I do can help open doors for future and prospective students.

Austin Worrell

photo of Austin Worrell(Sophomore Political Science major)