Registration FAQ

How do I know when to register for classes?

  1. Login to BannerWeb.
  2. Click on Student Services.
  3. Click on Registration.
  4. Click on Check your registration status and your registration dates and times.

Since I register based on my earned hours, how do I know how many earned hours I have?

You can find your earned credit hours by looking at the Undergraduate Summary to Date section on the last page of your DARS.

What is credit/no credit?

You may elect to change the standard letter grade mode for a course to credit/no credit. No grade is awarded for a course that is taken credit/no credit, only credit. You earn credit by earning a D- or better. Because no grade is awarded, the course is not calculated in your GPA. You cannot take courses for your major/minor on a credit/no credit basis. Please read the Credit/No-Credit Courses section of the Registration (Undergraduate) page (Miami University Policy Library).

How do I drop a course?

If you stop attending a class, it is not the same as dropping it. You must take action to drop the course. Before dropping a course, we recommend that you consult the instructor and your academic advisor to discuss the implications. There are very specific deadlines that dictate the consequences of dropping a course. Dates and deadlines vary between full-semester and sprint courses.
Note: Please consult the academic calendar for official withdraw deadlines.
To officially drop a course you must ask your instructor to delete you from the electronic roster.

How can I register for more than 20 hours?

You need to get permission for excess academic hours from an advisor in the College of Arts and Science. However, there are specific criteria under which a student would qualify for excess hour permission. Please be aware that excess hour permission is not always granted.

What happens if I repeat a course?

Please read the Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy section of the Undergraduate|Registration page (Miami University Policy Library).

Can I get a grade removed from my transcript?

Once a grade is posted on your transcript, it cannot be removed. If you stopped attending the course before the withdrawal deadline, but failed to drop the course, see your academic advisor to discuss whether you can petition for removal.

How many credit hours do I need to be considered a full time student?

You are considered a full time student with 12 credit hours.

How many hours do I need to be a sophomore, junior, or senior?

Earned Credit Hour Ranges for Different Class Years
Class Earned Credit Hours
Freshman 0-29
Sophomore 30-63
Junior 64-95
Senior 96-128+

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Official copies of your transcript are generated by the Office of the Registrar.

How can I find my DAR?

Your degree audit report (DAR) (One Stop) can be printed online using BannerWeb.