Call for Facilitators

On June 24-26, 2020, Miami University's Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs will host the 2nd annual School SUCCESS Conference in Oxford, Ohio. We are looking for SUCCESS facilitators who want to share their effective strategies and practices for making a positive difference in the mental health, behavioral health, and well-being of our K-12 students.

SUCCESS = Schools Understanding Critical Components Empowering Student Success:

We are asking our SUCCESS facilitators to inspire conference participants with:

  • Strategies and practices to support student mental health and behavioral health
  • Useful and concrete information relevant to school settings
  • Critical components of student success at school and in life, in general
  • Creative sessions effecting positive changes for students
  • Every session offering 'take-aways' to implement in daily practice
  • Strength-based and asset-driven ways to promote student well-being
  • School- and student-tested strategies and practices that work in real world settings

We know that many amazing things are happening every day at our local schools and with our local mental health/behavioral health providers.  If you, or someone you know, has useful and tangible strategies and practices that make a positive difference in the mental health, behavioral health, and well-being of K-12 students- we would love to have you/them facilitate a session (or two) at our conference.  As an incentive, lead facilitators will receive free registration to attend the conference (and earn CEUs, if needed).

School SUCCESS Conference Call for Facilitators

You will be asked to provide:

  • name, credentials, and contact information of lead facilitator
  • names and credentials of additional facilitators, if applicable
  • brief paragraph describing your session
  • 3-5 learning objectives that align with our goals above
  • description of your approach to facilitate and engage participants in your session
  • 'take-away(s)' that participants can expect from the session
  • how your session aligns with the Social Emotional Learning Standards
  • requests for session (e.g., length, A/V needs)

Please contact Dr. Cricket Meehan ( or (513) 529-4247) with any questions.