Support the Ecology Research Center

The Ecology Research Center (ERC) provides the critical facilities and support staff for ecological research at Miami University. We are committed to enhancing environmental and ecological literacy at Miami and in the Oxford area as well as supporting cutting-edge field research. In addition, the ERC participates in national and international ecology and environmental education initiatives. The proximity of the ERC to the Oxford campus makes it possible for students and faculty to conduct field research and educational projects all year long. Because of our commitment to all types of research, we do not charge for use of the ERC but the faculty and students that use the facility have to provide any specialized materials and the extra hands that might be needed to establish and execute their projects.

It is only through the wonderful generosity of donors to the Ecology Research Center that this is at all possible. Please take a few minutes and consider how valuable a resource this is to our students and help us continue these efforts with a gift.

There are several ways you can help us.

Unrestricted Gifts

These gifts allow the Center to apply your gift to the area of greatest need.

Designated Gifts

  • Sponsor symposia related to current issues in ecology and environmental science and career opportunities
  • Internships or summer research fellowships to free students to explore educational and research ideas in ecology and environmental science
  • Grants to offset the costs of establishing and executing research projects in ecology and environmental science
  • Grants to support the participation of our students in regional, national and international professional meetings, especially for those who have completed research projects and are eager to present their findings
  • Scholarships to recruit the very best students to attend Miami and to reward excellence at Miami

Equipment Gifts

The ERC farms almost 20 acres of land and we are frequently engaged in the design and construction of specialized facilities to suit a specific research or educational outreach need (e.g., ponds of a specific size, sampling platforms, new trails). Thus, we often have a need for new or used agricultural, landscaping, or construction equipment.

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