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Recent News

  • Alumna Has Article Published in Applied Anthropology

    Emily Crane with a beneficiary of the Rosemila projectAn article by anthropology alumna Emily Crane (2014) was published in the most recent edition of the peer-reviewed journal The Applied Anthropologist.

  • Toward An Anthropology of New Media

    Dr. Mark Peterson presenting a talk at the University of CincinnatiWhat challenges does new media pose to the anthropological study of media?

  • Paper, Clay…Or Skin?

    Anthropology majors Sarah Loomis and Alex Boyer wanted to know what some ancient ceramic cylinders in the Miami Anthropology collections were used for.

  • Religion as Creativity

    Image with Anthropologists James Bielo and John Cinnamon were among four faculty receiving a $10,000 grant to fund a research symposium on “Religion as Creativity.”
  • Hello, Bored Students…

    Dr. Mark Peterson and son JadenHow do you get 300 students to pay attention to advice about a paper they don’t need to turn in until the end of the semester?
  • The Making of Mexcal

    Rhonda BrulotteOnly a handful of students in the packed lecture room admitted to knowing what mescal was when asked by anthropologist Dr.  Ronda Brulotte. She told them that this will almost certainly change

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