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  • ATH Major Studies Traditional Religion in Japan

    Seth Boda being dressed in ceremonial robeAnthropology major Seth Boda visited Japan for six weeks this past summer to study religious practices in a rural village.

  • Global Heath Faculty, Students on Vaccination

    Measles and MumpsWhy are measles and mumps making a comeback in the US when vaccines are free and available?

    Medical anthropologist Cameron Hay-Rollins was one of several people who sought to answer that question during a panel discussion on "Measles and Mumps: Disease Comebacks Despite Vaccine Availability" held at Miami October 9.

  • Paulson Receives Global Teaching and Learning Award

    Paulson2Susan Paulson, former professor of anthropology, was one of two winners of the Office of Liberal Education’s 2014 Global Teaching and Learning Award.

  • Miami Student in the Cradle of Humankind

    Jim McClanahanLast summer, carefully scraping away dirt and rock under the hot African sun, Anthropology major Jim McClanahan made a remarkable discovery: he uncovered the partial radius bone of a Paranthropus boisei, a prehistoric hominin that lived more than one million years ago.

  • Peterson in Qatar

    CIRC LogoAnthropology chair Mark Allen Peterson took part in an international workshop on digital media in the Middle East at the Center for International and Regional Studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar.

  • Fischer Receives Teaching Award

    Alyssia FischerAnthropologist Alysia Fischer received Miami’s University Distinguished Teaching Award for 2014. 
  • Why do captive bonobos pluck their hair?

    Linda Marchant and Mary Kay viewing bonobos through glass at Cincinnati Zoo.Why do captive bonobos pluck their hair? It’s a question anthropologist Linda Marchant has encouraged many students to ask. And for very good reasons...

  • Students Win SMU Best Paper Award

    Students won an award for their analysis of LATimes stories like this one.A student team from Miami University’s Anthropology Department took first place in a student paper competition sponsored by the Forced Migration Innovation Project (FMIP) at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. 

  • High-Tech Tools Recreate Stolen Artifacts

    Pieces of the past were restored this Spring when Dr. Jeb Card, visiting assistant professor of Anthropology, used the new full color 3D printer at the BEST library to recreate some of the artifacts stolen from the Anthropology Department last summer.
  • Christian Activism & Masculinity

    Logo of Acts29 organizationDr. James Bielo published a new article on how masculinity and social engagement are intertwined among Christian evangelical men in the US.

  • Religious Change in Post-Boomer America

    James BieloDr. James Bielo took part in the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion’s annual meeting in Boston, MA Nov. 8th, 9th, and 10th.

  • From Anthropology to Marketing

    Samar Abdelaal IbrahimMs. Ibrahim described the links between ethnography and marketing to a 21 group of anthropology seniors Nov. 4, during a visit to Miami University.

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    Department of Anthropology

    Department of Anthropology

    Anthropology is a holistic, interdisciplinary science of humanity. It is the study of people--their origins, adaptations and ecology, distribution, customs, languages, and social and religious beliefs. Anthropological study includes human genetics as well as personality and society, the prehistoric past as well as the global present, indigenous peoples as well as cosmopolitan migrants, the customs of ancient civilizations as well as the beliefs of peoples today and the study of our evolutionary relatives, the non-human primates.

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