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  • Sidky Publishes New Text on Anthropology of Religion

    part of cover for new book“Why do humans the world over, ardently espouse beliefs in irrational counterfactual entities and concepts, such as ghosts, goblins, devils, angels, deities, life after death, heaven and hell, virgin births, resurrection, and so forth?”
  • Anthropology of the Egyptian Revolution

    cover of bookDr. Mark Allen Peterson has been thinking long and hard about the 2011 revolution in Egypt and its aftermath, and it shows: this summer saw the publication of three book chapters by Peterson about the revolution .

  • Materializing the Bible Web Site

    screenshot of the websiteWhat happens when Christians transform the written Bible into an experiential biblical environment?
  • Sharing Our Collections with the World

    Sarah using an iPad with an IR scanner to scan an artifactSarah Loomis circles a reddish-brown clay pot, holding out an iPad with a scanner attached. She slowly walks around the table with the iPad in front of her, watching the screen to make sure the artifact stays in the center of the screen’s focus. She stops, pokes at the screen a couple of times and turns the iPad around. A 3-D image of the pot appears on the screen. "It's as easy as that," she says
  • Questioning Religion in the Classroom

    The cover of Dr. Bielo's bookHe’s known in the classroom for building his lessons around key questions and inviting students to answer them. Now, Dr. James Bielo, assistant professor of anthropology, has integrated that method into a textbook.

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