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  • Anthropology Students Present Research at University Forum

    Anthropology major Rachel Mattox with her posterSeventeen anthropology majors presented findings from their research projects at Miami's 2015 undergraduate research forum.

  • Making Oneself A Woman

    Queen for a Day flierAnthropologist Marcia Ochoa spoke to students and faculty about how femininities produced, performed, and consumed by straight and transgendered women in the mass-media spectacles of beauty pageants in Venezuela.

  • Student Receives Research Award to Study Bonobos

    Jordan MartinMiami University junior Jordan Martin received a $5700 award to study bonobos.

  • Eating Disorders Among College Women

    Dr. Cameron Hay-Rollins giving a talkWhat causes eating disorders in women on college campuses? That was the question that motivated a study by medical anthropologist Cameron Hay and Rose Marie Ward, professor of Kinesiology and Health.

  • ATH Students get Jaded

    ATH Students get JadedTwo of China’s premier experts on ancient jade visited an archaeology class, where they surprised students by interrupting interrupted their lectures to raffle off gifts of jade, and used their expertise to estimate the value of an audience member's antique jade heirlooms.

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