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Students and professors talking around a table

The English Department offers four majors

The study of English revolves around three basic topics: the literary traditions of the English language, the craft and structure of writing, and the evolution of language itself.

  • Course offerings range from introductory courses on themes such as travel, sexuality, and identity, through upper division courses in significant periods, authors, and trends. We also offer custom-designed capstones that engage students with current and exciting topics in literature and writing.
  • Our courses in literature and culture teach students to think critically, read closely, understand nuance, and write creatively and persuasively, the skills that many professions prize highly. Literature courses introduce students to the study of literature, film, television, and other forms of public writing while developing outstanding critical reading and writing skills.
  • Writing courses provide students with introductory and advanced work in composition, creative writing, and technical communication. All courses are taught by a distinguished faculty who put their award-winning teaching experience, their accomplished research and publication records, and their varied professional expertise to work in the university classroom.
  • The department also offers courses in a variety of critical approaches to language and literature, including linguistic analysis, critical theory, and interdisciplinary literary and cultural study.