Melanie Ziegler

Contact Information

photo of Melanie Ziegler118 MacMillan Hall
Oxford, OH 45056
(513) 529-9305


Senior Lecturer
Global and Intercultural Studies (Chief Program Advisor, International Studies)


PhD, Miami University


Dr. Ziegler has teaching and research interests in the politics of Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Cuba, and in US foreign policy and decision-making regarding adversarial states. She regularly teaches ITS 201 M - Introduction to International Studies for majors, ITS 365 B - Rogue States and State Sponsors of Terrorism, and ITS 402 C - Global Issues in the Americas.

Ziegler serves as the chief academic advisor for the International Studies major. She also co-directs LAS/ITS 299, the Cuba winter workshop, with her LAS colleague, Juan Carlos Albarrán. She is an affiliate of the Latin American, Latino/a and Caribbean Studies Program. She has been nominated twice for Outstanding Professor (2010, 2015) and in 2015 received the Provost's Award for Excellence in Advising.


Dr. Ziegler is the author of US-Cuban Cooperation Past, Present, and Future (University Press of Florida Contemporary Cuba Series). She also recently published an essay answering the question "Will Cuba Go From Enemy to Frenemy?" at Her current research is on Caribbean political economy with co-author, Walt Vanderbush. Vanderbush and Ziegler have a forthcoming chapter, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Cuba's Quest for Food Security in the Twenty-First Century" in the edited book, Ecopolitics of Consumption: The Food Trade, and they are currently working on a book manuscript comparing the Greater Antilles of the Caribbean.