Student Spotlight

Current and former students talk about the GIC program.

Veronica Ruiz-Krause

photo of Veronica Ruiz-Krause(Class of 2019)

"I loved GIC because it forced me to examine topics that I would previously tend to ignore. Sometimes it is easier to pretend like terrible things are not happening around the world when we are not seeing it first-hand. However, just because atrocities do not directly affect us it does not mean we should just pretend it isn't happening. GIC was extremely eye-opening, and it really inspired me to want to find a career in which I can directly interact and impact the lives of others."

Read what Veronica had to say about the GIC co-major, ROTC, and her study abroad experience.

Sydney Chuen

photo of Sydney Chuen(Class of 2020)

"My Miami professors and advisors have been extremely helpful, especially after I reached out to them. The most prominent figures are visiting assistant professor Jon Otto and senior lecturer Melanie Zeigler (both from International Studies in the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies) and associate professor Elizabeth Hodges and visiting assistant professor Anna Keefe (both from the Department of French & Italian)."

See what Sydney had to say about her migrant/refugee research in France and Morocco.