Student Spotlight

Current and former students talk about the GIC program.

Elyse Legeay

photo of Elyse Legeay(Class of 2021)

"First semester freshman year I took my first international studies class with Dilchoda Berdieva, a lecturer in the Department of Global and Intercultural Studies (GIC). Although I had already declared myself as an international studies major, her class solidified that this is what I want to do. It was really nice to know right off the bat that I had found my place!"

Read what Elyse had to say about working with minority children in Kosovo.

Selena Mungur

photo of Selena Mungur(Class of 2022)

"In political science, I really like learning about all the different systems underlying our society. We're studying various changes that come about from elections and transitions of power, and I really like seeing how everything evolves to make different institutions in our world work and connect to one another. This interest ultimately led me to pick up my CRES major."

Read what Selena had to say about her emotional trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Shelby Frye

photo of Shelby Frye(Class of 2020)

"My research is on gender language and how it affects the development of gender stereotypes. Some terms have come to be considered gender-neutral, such as 'you guys' to refer to a general group of people or 'policemen' meaning police officers, even as they are not and still evoke stereotypical thinking. I'm studying how these terms have permeated our society and how we act and react to them."

Read what Shelby had to say about her faculty mentors and gendered language research.

Mona-Mae Juwillie

photo of Mona-Mae Juwillie(Class of 2019)

"After doing some research, what drew me to Miami in particular was the international studies requirement that includes study abroad opportunities. I've been on two study abroad programs through Miami: a J-Term experience in Ghana during my sophomore year, and then a trip to Geneva, Switzerland last summer."

See what Mona-Mae had to say about her internships in Ghana and Switzerland.

Sarah Porter

photo of Sarah Porter(Class of 2019)

"I took an American studies class with associate professor Sandra Garner, who was tough but made me a better writer. Additionally, she taught me how to be a better communicator, which really helped show where my skills had developed. Assistant professor Carolyn Hardin taught one of my strategic communication courses that overlapped with my American studies concentration, where we looked at American consumerism from different perspectives."

Read what Sarah had to say about her hands-on work at the Institute for Food farm.

Hannah Clarke

photo of Hannah Clarke(Class of 2019)

"My first year at Miami was an important catalyst for my activism. I lived in Thomson Hall, where the Social Justice Living Learning Community (LLC) was housed…We decided to take a stand together to help create a safe psychological space for those who do not or cannot conform to dominant standards. This strong show of support gave me an increased sense of solidarity from my fellow students, and I felt encouraged to become a stronger advocate for social justice on campus."

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