Recent Graduate Theses

Jacob Beard, "At the Foot of the Cross: A Biographical Portrait of Pyotr Yakovievich Chaadaev," 2017 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Zachary Bennett, "One River, One Nation: The Ohio River in an American Borderland 1800-1850," 2013 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Dana Bogart, "'My Great Terror, the Black Swamp': Northwest Ohio's Environmental Borderland," 2015 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Emilie Brinkman, "Stuart Suits and Smocks: Dress, Identity, and the Politics of Display in the Late Seventeenth-Century English Court," 2013 (Renee Baernstein, advisor)

Justin A. Chmiel, "Alms for the Poor: A Sixteenth Century Debate on Almsgiving in the Regulation of Begging in Castile," 2014 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Gina Farmer, "Center Stage: How Theodore Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Family Captivated America, 1884-1909," 2013 (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

Aaron M. Gilkison, "Soul of the Mazar: The Khoja Afaq Mausoleum and Uyghur Collective Memory," 2013 (Daniel Prior, advisor)

Zachariah Golder, "Subtle Socialism? Capitalist Disaffection within the NSDAP, 1925-1934," 2017 (Erik Jensen, advisor)

Ivan Grek, "The Chapaevization of Soviet Civil War Memory, 1922-1941," 2015 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Stacy Haberstroh, "The Sun Never Sets on National Cash Registers: The International Operations of the National Cash Register Company, 1885-1922," 2013 (Amanda McVety, advisor)

Michael G. Haggerty, "A Necessary Cruelty: Violence and Discipline in North Carolina's Post-Civil War Prisons," 2014 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Andrew T. Hall, "'The Principle Object of Their Affections': The Changing Nature of Borders and Boundaries in the Lake Erie World, 1794-1825," 2013 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

John R. Herman, "The Extraordinary Force and Success of Individual Enterprise: The Triumph of Liberalism in Wisconsin, 1846-1860," 2014 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Trevor Israelsen, "'Nothing remains stationary': Child Welfare and Health in Cincinnati's Episcopal Hospital for Children, 1884-1931," 2016 (Amanda McVety, advisor)

Caroline E. Johnson, "Archie's Girls? Betty, Veronica and the Rise of American Youth Culture, 1941-1950," 2016 (Kimberly A. Hamlin, advisor)

Benjamin Kern, "An Iroquois Woman Between Two Worlds: Molly Brant and the American Revolution," 2013 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Joshua Allan Kiger, "The Diary of Margaret Graves Cary: Family and Gender in the Merchant Class of 18th Century Charlestown," 2014 (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

Jackson Little, "In the Shadow of the Horseman: The Petrine Era and the Search for Russian Nationhood, 1811-1941," 2013 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

William H. London, "Politics and Paint: Murals, Memory, and Archives in Northern Ireland, 1968-1988," 2016 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Daniel Melega, "From Suasion to Coercion: Temperance Reform and Prohibition in Antebellum Maine," 2017 (Steven Conn, advisor)

Joel Kiama Mutahi, "The United States, the Congo, and the Mineral Crisis of 1960-64: A Triple Entente of Economic Interests," 2013 (Amanda McVety, advisor)

James A. Nealy, "The Metro Metroes: Shaping Soviet Post-War Subjectivities in the Leningrad Underground," 2014 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Michael F. Niemi, "Remaking Republicanism: Jobs, Taxes and Suburbia in Michigan, 1954-1962," 2016 (Steven Conn, advisor)

Joseph Passaro, "Raising Italy: National Character and Public Education During the Liberal Era (1876-1888)," 2013 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Petr A. Podkopaev, "Homecoming: A Movie Script about the Ukrainian World War II Experience," 2014 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Adam Rodger, "Bitches and Thieves: Gulag Guards, Administrators, and Professional Criminals in the Bitches War," 2017 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Clinton K. Rodgers, "Sin, Satan, and Sacrilege: Antitheatricality, Religion, and the Sensory Order in Elizabethan England," 2016 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Kelsey Snyder, "Political (In)Discretion: Hillary Clinton's Response to the Lewinsky Scandal," 2015 (Kimberly Hamlin, advisor)

Eric M. Souder, "The Circassian Thistle: Tolstoy's Khadzhi Murat and the Evolving Russian Empire," 2014 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Christine Jordan Spaulding, "'Skilled Workers Are Made Here': How Education Changed Business and Community in Postwar Connersville, IN," 2016 (Steven Conn, advisor)

Lucas Stanek, "Claiming Spaces, Claiming the Past: Tourism and Public History in Xi'an, China since the 1990s," 2017 (Yihong Pan, advisor)

Erin Toothaker, "Domestic Memory: The Journals, Correspondence and Artifacts of Henrietta McGuffey Hepburn," 2013 (Mary E. Frederickson, advisor)

Katherine Wright, "The Ready Ones: American Children, World War II, and Propaganda," 2015 (Helen Sheumaker, advisor)