Recent Graduate Theses

Zachary Bennett, "One River, One Nation: The Ohio River in an American Borderland 1800-1850," 2013 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Dana Bogart, "'My Great Terror, the Black Swamp': Northwest Ohio's Environmental Borderland," 2015 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Emilie Brinkman, "Stuart Suits and Smocks: Dress, Identity, and the Politics of Display in the Late Seventeenth-Century English Court," 2013 (Renee Baernstein, advisor)

Justin A. Chmiel, "Alms for the Poor: A Sixteenth Century Debate on Almsgiving in the Regulation of Begging in Castile," 2014 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Adrienne Chudzinski, "Sites of Struggle: Civil Rights and the Politics of Memorialization," 2012 (Marguerite Shaffer, advisor)

Andrew J. Dial, "Consumer Choices in Martinique and Saint-Domingue: 1740-1780," 2012 (Carla Pestana, advisor)

Gina Farmer, "Center Stage: How Theodore Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Family Captivated America, 1884-1909," 2013 (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

Aaron M. Gilkison, "Soul of the Mazar: The Khoja Afaq Mausoleum and Uyghur Collective Memory," 2013 (Daniel Prior, advisor)

Ivan Grek, "The Chapaevization of Soviet Civil War Memory, 1922-1941," 2015 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Stacy Haberstroh, "The Sun Never Sets on National Cash Registers: The International Operations of the National Cash Register Company, 1885-1922," 2013 (Amanda McVety, advisor)

Michael G. Haggerty, "A Necessary Cruelty: Violence and Discipline in North Carolina's Post-Civil War Prisons," 2014 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Andrew T. Hall, "'The Principle Object of Their Affections': The Changing Nature of Borders and Boundaries in the Lake Erie World, 1794-1825," (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

John R. Herman, "The Extraordinary Force and Success of Individual Enterprise: The Triumph of Liberalism in Wisconsin, 1846-1860," 2014 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Trevor Israelsen, "'Nothing remains stationary': Child Welfare and Health in Cincinnati's Episcopal Hospital for Children, 1884-1931," 2016 (Amanda McVety, advisor)

Laura E. Jarboe, "Reagan's Antiterrorism: The Role of Lebanon," 2012 (Amanda Kay McVety, advisor)

Caroline E. Johnson, "Archie's Girls? Betty, Veronica and the Rise of American Youth Culture, 1941-1950," 2016 (Kimberly A. Hamlin, advisor)

Benjamin Kern, "An Iroquois Woman Between Two Worlds: Molly Brant and the American Revolution," 2013 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Joshua Allan Kiger, "The Diary of Margaret Graves Cary: Family and Gender in the Merchant Class of 18th Century Charlestown," 2014 (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

Jackson Little, "In the Shadow of the Horseman: The Petrine Era and the Search for Russian Nationhood, 1811-1941," 2013 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

William H. London, "Politics and Paint: Murals, Memory, and Archives in Northern Ireland, 1968-1988," 2016 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Kayli L. McCullough, "Lady Maria Nugent: A Woman's Approach to the British Empire," 2012 (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

Joel Kiama Mutahi, "The United States, the Congo, and the Mineral Crisis of 1960-64: A Triple Entente of Economic Interests," 2013 (Amanda McVety, advisor)

James A. Nealy, "The Metro Metroes: Shaping Soviet Post-War Subjectivities in the Leningrad Underground," 2014 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Michael F. Niemi, "Remaking Republicanism: Jobs, Taxes and Suburbia in Michigan, 1954-1962," 2016 (Steven Conn, advisor)

Joseph Passaro, "Raising Italy: National Character and Public Education During the Liberal Era (1876-1888)," 2013 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Petr A. Podkopaev, "Homecoming: A Movie Script about the Ukrainian World War II Experience," 2014 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Clinton K. Rodgers, "Sin, Satan, and Sacrilege: Antitheatricality, Religion, and the Sensory Order in Elizabethan England," 2016 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Daniel Semelsberger, "An Italian Voice Overseas: War and the Making of National Identity in Cleveland, Ohio, 1910-1920," 2012 (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

Kelsey Snyder, "Political (In)Discretion: Hillary Clinton's Response to the Lewinsky Scandal," 2015 (Kimberly Hamlin, advisor)

Eric M. Souder, "The Circassian Thistle: Tolstoy's Khadzhi Murat and the Evolving Russian Empire," 2014 (Stephen Norris, advisor)

Christine Jordan Spaulding, "'Skilled Workers Are Made Here': How Education Changed Business and Community in Postwar Connersville, IN," 2016 (Steven Conn, advisor)

Kathleen Stankiewicz, "Uncensored: Gender Roles and the Dismantling of the Hays Code," 2012 (Mary Frederickson, advisor)

Scott J. Sulzener, "Franziska Grafin zu Reventlow, Bohemian Munich, and the Challenges of Reinvention in Imperial Germany," 2012 (Erik Jensen, advisor)

Rebecca H. Tinch, "Locating Modernity: Japonisme, Gender, and Enchantment at the 1893 World's Fair," 2012 (Mary E. Frederickson, advisor)

Erin Toothaker, "Domestic Memory: The Journals, Correspondence and Artifacts of Henrietta McGuffey Hepburn," 2013 (Mary E. Frederickson, advisor)

Katherine Wright, "The Ready Ones: American Children, World War II, and Propaganda," 2015 (Helen Sheumaker, advisor)