Student Honors Theses


"Women Abolitionists and Egalitarian Marriage: Equality in the World and in the Home"
Chelsea M. Adelman (Kimberly Hamlin, advisor)

"Plutarch's White Fawn: The Roman Religious Experience in the Life of Sertorius"
Matthew D. Cramer (Kevin Osterloh, advisor)

"Fragile Empire: Differentiation over Time among Khanates in the Mongol Empire"
Kimberly T. Foster (Daniel Prior, advisor)

"Average Guys Who Go Fast: Cultural Identity Groups and the Rise of NASCAR"
Bryan P. Gable (Helen Sheumaker, advisor)

"Unlikely Allies: American Involvement in South America's Operation Condor"
Alexander J. Haight (Elena Albarrán, advisor)

"The Blackfords' Imagined Community: The Formation of Southern Nationalism within a Virginian Family, 1825-1865"
Caroline E. Johnson (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

"A Mighty Wurlitzer or a Player Piano?: Frank Gardiner Wisner and the Effects of Identity and Personal Narratives on the Founding of the CIA, 1940-1965"
Andrew M. Mackin (Stephen Norris, advisor)

"Cooperation over Conflict: Reconsidering the Interactions of Noblemen in Medieval and Early Modern Ireland"
Sarah McKinsey (Tatiana Seijas, advisor)

"The Raven's Changing Plumage: Shifting Identities and Cultural Dynamics of the Viking Diaspora"
Colin S. McKinstry (Charlotte Goldy, advisor)

"'The Great Dissenter': Arthur Gartland and the Movement to Desegregate Boston Public Schools, 1963-1976"
Kyle P. O'Brien (Nishani Frazier, advisor)

"The Second Queen: Becoming a Tudor Icon. Anne Bolyn and the Tudors 1485-1536"
Ashley Rovner (Charlotte Goldy, advisor)

"The Strange Case of the Western Museum: The Development of a New Museum Culture in Early Nineteenth-Century America"
Christine J. Spaulding (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

"The Air Force's Struggle to Establish Itself as a Separate Branch of the Military: An Evaluation of Institutional Identity from 1945 to 1953"
Ben W. Wild (Allan Winkler, advisor)


"Johann Ewald and America: A Study on the Changing Perceptions in European Military Affairs as Influenced by the American Revolution and the Trans-Atlantic World"
Steven Darnell (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

"An Executive Distraction: Gouverneur Morris and the People's Influence on the Creation of the American Presidency"
Alexander Filice (Andrew Cayton, advisor)

"A Spartan Confederacy: Classical Discourse in the Southern Intellectual Life, 1780-1856"
Shea Hendry (Mary Kupiec Cayton, advisor)

"Analyzing the Female Humanist's Character: How Paolo Giovio's Assessment of Illustrious Women Aligned with Italian Renaissance Discourse"
Kelly Irwin (Renée Baernstein, advisor)

"Perfect Partnership: the Disney Studio and the United States Government During World War II"
Amanda Lawson (Helen Sheumaker, advisor)

"The American Abroad: The Experiences of Paul Lemasters in the South Pacific, 1944-1945"
Grant Lemasters (Stephen Norris, advisor)

"Science, Mercantilism, Empire: Colonial Development and Nature on Barbados, 1627-1700"
Michael Putz (José Amador, advisor)

"Architect of Destruction: The German Armaments Ministry and Albert Speer, 1936-1945"
Andrew Sullivan (Erik Jensen, advisor)

"The Church and the Foreign State: The Impact of American Missionaries on Turn-of-the-Century Korea"
Cassondra Willoughby (Yihong Pan, advisor)


"The History of Trade and Diplomacy Between the Creek Indians and the British, 1733-1770"
Hannah Blubaugh (Andrew Offenburger, advisor)

"Russia's Amazons: Women, War, and Patriotism, 1812-1945"
Brett Coleman (Stephen Norris, advisor)

"Understanding the Effects of Corporate Culture Following the Gilded Age: Mack Johnson, Urban Cincinnati, and the Question of the Self-Made Man, 1880-1950"
Emily Dawson (Andrew Offenburger, advisor)

"The Cuban Changeup: The Evolving Role of Sport in the Cuban Revolution from the Soviet Era to the 'Special Period'"
Eric C. Evans (Sheldon Anderson, advisor)

"The Discourse of Women's Experiences under Communism with a Focus on East Germany"
Mahaley Evans (Erik Jensen, advisor)

"We Want to Be All Things for All People: Women's Health Care Activism in the Context of Planned Parenthood and Black Power"
Alexandra Fair (Kimberly Hamlin, advisor)

"Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, and the Politics of Remembrance and Memorialization in Africa"
James J. Fisher (Osaak Olumwullah, advisor)

"Dismantling the American Empire: The Passage of the Philippine Autonomy Act and the Transformation of American Imperialism, 1898-1916"
Riley Kane (Amanda McVety, advisor)

"Radical Dualism: Identity Crisis and the Algerian Revolution of 1954"
Emma Malueg (Matthew Gordon, advisor)

"Captives of Revolution: Hessian Prisoners during the American War of Independence"
David McDevitt (Lindsay Schakenbach Regele, advisor)

"Salvation and Power in the Early English Reformation: A Dialog between John Frith and Thomas More about Purgatory and the Eucharist"
Tanner J. Moore (Wietse de Boer, advisor)

"When Pharaoh Falls: Egyptian History and the Rise of Jihadi-Salafism"
Katie Poppe (Matthew Gordon, advisor)

"Representations of Social Movements on Television: Second-Wave Feminism and The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Cecilia Simon (Kimberly Hamlin, advisor)