Research Areas

Reza Akhtar  Professor Algebraic Geometry, K-theory, Combinatorics
Dennis Keeler
Associate Professor
Algebraic Geometry, Noncommutative Rings
Bruce Magurn
Algebra, K-theory, Number Theory, Group Rings
Hamid Rahmati
Assistant Professor
Commutative Algebra


Rajappa Asthagiri Associate Professor (M) Functional Analysis
Patrick Dowling Professor
Functional Analysis
Caleb Eckhardt Assistant Professor
Operator Algebras
Craig Kleski Visiting Assistant Professor
Beata Randrianantoanina  Professor
Functional Analysis
Narcisse Randrianantoanina Professor
Functional Analysis
Mark Smith Professor
Geometry of Banach spaces
David Sobecki Associate Professor (H)
Banach spaces

Applied Mathematics and Optimization

Champike Attanayake Associate Professor (M)
Computational and Financial Mathematics
Olga Brezhneva Associate Professor
Optimization, Ordinary Differential Equations
Anna Ghazaryan Assistant Professor
Ordinary and partial differential equations,  applied dynamical systems, nonlinear waves
Jae Woo Jeong Associate Professor (H)
Applied and Computational Mathematics, GFEM
Vahagn Manukian Assistant Professor (H)
Applied dynamical systems, Existence and stability of traveling waves
Alin Pogan Assistant Professor Applied Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
Douglas Ward Professor
Variational Analysis

Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Deepak Bal Visiting Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Probabilistic Combinatorics
Louis DeBiasio Assistant Professor
Graph Theory, Extremal Combinatorics
Tao Jiang Professor
Graph Theory, Extremal Combinatorics
Zevi Miller Professor
Graph Theory, Graph Algorithms in Computer Science
Daniel Pritikin Professor
Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Recreational Mathematics

Mathematics Education

Dana Cox Associate Professor
Mathematics Curriculum and Student Learning
Beatriz D'Ambrosio Professor
Suzanne Harper Professor
Technology in Mathematics Education
Jane Keiser Associate Professor
Nirmala Naresh Associate Professor
Ethnomathematics, Teaching and Learning of Probability and Statistics

Set Theory

Tetsuya Ishiu Associate Professor
Set theory
Paul Larson Professor
Set theory
Paul McKenney Visiting Assistant Professor
Set theory


Dennis Burke Professor
Set-theoretic topology
Daniel Farley Associate Professor
Geometric Topology, Geometric Group Theory
Ivonne Ortiz Associate Professor
Algebraic and geometric topology
Patrick Reynolds Assistant Professor Geometric group theory

In the lists above, H=Hamilton Campus and M=Middletown Campus

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