Harrison Hall in winter

Janus Lecture

Fall 2017 JANUS Forum: “Is the National Debt the New Road to Serfdom?”
Wednesday October 25, 2017

The Fall 2017 Janus Forum took place on October 25 in Wilks Theater.  The speakers were former Comptroller General of the United States Dave Walker and the first director of the Congressional Budget Office, Alice Rivlin.  The Forum was moderated by Jacob Bruggeman, a junior political science and history double major.  The forum was entitled “Is the National Debt the New Road to Serfdom?”  Both speakers seemed to believe that the national debt, while a serious issue, is not the new road to serfdom, and can be fixed with reasonable reforms.  However, both speakers were concerned that many of these reforms are being put off due to the current polarized nature of the U.S. Congress and the political process.

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