Combined BA-MA in Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers outstanding undergraduate students the opportunity to earn both the bachelor’s and master’s degree. Students accepted to the highly competitive combined BA-MA program take up to 9 hours of graduate work while earning their undergraduate degree. Students must complete all the standard requirements for the MA.

The Master of Arts in Political Science at Miami University is a terminal degree for students intending to pursue careers in politics at all levels of government and in nongovernmental organizations. The MA program is designed to equip students with the analytical skills and substantive knowledge necessary for engaging in applied politics, public affairs, and public policy study. Students in the MA program are exposed to the discipline of political science, specifically focusing on how political science theories underpin the systematic study of the behavior of political actors and processes in the American context and globally. Special emphasis is placed on developing the student’s understanding of the frameworks for active participation in governance, issue advocacy, law and legal affairs, and public policy research, while developing the research, analytical and writing skills essential for public leaders.

Admission Requirements

  • Miami undergraduate students must have completed 64 hours toward the BA (or BS) with a 3.25 gpa in all undergraduate coursework and a 3.5 gpa in the major for undergraduate majors in the Department of Political Science or a 3.5 gpa in political science coursework for undergraduate majors outside the department.

  • Students must have completed 17 hours of political science coursework including at least 9 hours at the 300 level or above before starting the combined program.

  • Applications must be made directly to the Graduate School according to Graduate School procedures and include a personal statement, writing sample, a resume, and three letters of recommendation from professors, including at least one Miami Political Science faculty member.

  • GRE scores are not required for admission to the combined BA-MA program.

  • Student performance in the combined program will be reviewed at the end of each semester by the graduate studies committee. Students may be dismissed from the combined program for failure to perform to expectations or choose to leave the combined program without prejudice to the undergraduate degree.

Visit Miami Graduate School to apply.

Requirements for the MA in Political Science:

Required Core Courses (10 hours)

  • 601 Foundations of Political Analysis (3 hours)
  • 603 Introduction to Quantitative Methods (2 hours)
  • 604 Public Policy Research (2 hours)
  • 606 Final Project (3 hours)

Concentration (9 hours minimum) - 3 graduate courses in one of the following groups:

  • American Political System/Political Theory
  • Comparative Political Systems/International Relations
  • Public Administration and Policy Analysis

Electives (12 hours minimum)

  • 4 political science graduate courses.  3 of the courses must be from outside the concentration. Up to 6 hours of graduate work from outside the department may be counted toward this requirement with the approval of the graduate studies committee. Approval must be requested and given prior to taking the courses. Internship experience while in the program may count up to 6 hours toward this requirement with the approval of the graduate studies committee.

Human Subjects Research Certification

Application Deadline:

November 1 (Spring) and April 1 (Fall)

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