Thematic Sequence in Political Science

POL3 / National Political Institutions (12 credit hours)

Enables you to understand the political system in which you live, how it operates or fails to do so, where and how citizen influence is applied, and how to assess proposals for reform. Take POL 241 first, then select three additional courses from the options listed. Sequence of four courses listed below (12 credits).

Take this course: POL 241 American Political System (3)

PLUS, three of these courses:

  • POL 343 American Presidency (3)
  • POL 344 U.S. Congress (3)
  • POL 352 Constitutional Law and Politics (3)
  • POL 353 Constitutional Rights and Liberties (3)
  • POL 356 Mass Media and Politics (3)


Note: The thematic sequence is not open to majors in the Department of Political Science. 

updated: 4/7/22