Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring Center

The Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring Center (SPOT) is now open! SPOT offers tutoring to all students currently enrolled in SPN 101 through SPN 111, as well as the 201 and 202 levels of Spanish and Portuguese. For more information or to sign up for a session.

Other departments should follow example of SPOT tutoring

By Editorial Editors
The Miami Student

Published: Thursday, January 27, 2011
Updated: Thursday, January 27, 2011 22:01

Miami University's Department of Spanish and Portuguese is debuting a new walk-in tutoring program, Spanish and Portuguese Opening Tutoring, otherwise known as SPOT. This program will allow students in introductory Spanish courses to gain personalized help from language professors on a walk-in basis.  

The editorial board of The Miami Student is extremely excited about this new option. Especially for foreign languages, in which success is based on repetition and practice, the opportunity to receive efficient and specialized tutoring is very beneficial for students. As the Rinella Learning Center offers extensive, but limited resources, another available option will help students fully make use of tutoring services. In addition, because foreign language courses are requirements for many majors, offering open assistance for introductory levels is a wonderful idea.  

Spanish courses are often heavy in workload and can be challenging. Providing an opportunity to have questions answered by several different professors could supply a fresh perspective for students who may require a diverse teaching style. The open office hours will also greatly accommodate busy schedules and further encourage students to seek guidance when needed. 

Introducing a new plan to help students truly shows the Department of Spanish and Portuguese's commitment to teaching and student success. The fact that teachers listened to student needs and responded to them is admirable and promising. Students should certainly take advantage of the opportunity to seek help from professors, especially as it is designed specifically to make getting guidance from teachers easy and informal. 

While this type of open tutoring may not be viable for other courses, the board continues to encourage professors and departments to look into ways to better student achievement. Miami has a record of excellent teaching performance, and it is necessary to work hard to retain this distinction. SPOT is definitely a step in the right direction. Muy bueno.