Book List

The following book list provides the book and ISBN number for all statistics classes. It also lists whether they are required, recommended, or optional. For a few classes, no book is required and that is also noted.

Spring Books

STA125: Business Statistics with MyStatLab Access ISBN Hardcover: 9780133866919 Binder Edition: 9780133873634 (Choice of One Required)
STA261: Statistics: Art & Science of Learning ISBN 0133860825 (three hole punch)(Optional) or  0321997832 (soft back, bound)(Optional). Available as e-book for free with course fee; Course pack available at Oxford Copy Shop (Required)
STA271: No book required 
STA301A-C: No text required
STA301 D-F: Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists ISBN 0321629116 (Optional)
STA333: Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics: Course packet available at Oxford Copy Shop (Required)
STA363A: Introduction to Statistical Modeling Using R by Michael Hughes available at Oxford Copy Shop (Required)
STA363B: Introduction to Statistical Modeling Using R by Michael Hughes available at Oxford Copy Shop (Required)
STA365: Managing, Controlling & Improving Quality ISBN 9780471697916 (Required)
STA401/501: Acp 401 Statistics Miami University ISBN 1133154409 (Optional)
STA402/502: Statistical Programming in SAS ISBN 1599946564 (Required) Available for download through library
STA404/504: Storytelling with Data ISBN 1119002257 (Required); The R Graphics Cookbook ISBN 1449316956 (Required) Available for download through the library
STA463/563: Applied Linear Statistical Models ISBN 9780073108742 (Required)
STA466/566: Design and Analysis of Experiments ISBN 9781118146927 (Required) 
STA467/567: Introduction to Statistical Learning ISBN 9781461471370 (Required) Available for download through library 
STA471/571: ACTEX P Study Manual (Required) Available on ACTEX website 
STA475: No book required
STA483/583: Time Series Analysis W/ Applications in R ISBN 9780387759586 (Recommended)
STA665: Statistical Inference ISBN 0534243126 (Required)
STA666: A First Course in the Theory of Linear Statistical Models ISBN 9780534916459 (Required); Foundation of Linear and Generalized Models ISBN 9781118739934 (Required)