Two female students touch a project on a tabletop in studio during open house
An assortment of student graphic work covers the atrium wall like a quilt
 Viewed from behind the shoulder, a woman works on a computer. Architectural drawings and sketches are spread out around her.
 A triptych view of 3 different students working on architectural projects. A man leans close over a drawing board and uses a straightedge to draw a line. A hand dips a paintbrush into a color, with other supplies covering the table. A woman presses a finger on top of the roof of a building model she is working on.
 Viewed from behind the chair, a seated woman holds up a section of an architectural model and studies it intently, Other pieces and tools for the model are on the table in front of her.
 close-up view of hands cutting a piece for a model. On the worktable are scraps of material and a bottle of glue on its side
A woman leans in close to a drawing that she is working on

Majors and minors in the Department of Architecture + Interior Design emphasize strong professional preparation grounded in rigorous, comprehensive liberal learning.

Small class sizes, an emphasis on independent student research, numerous opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration, and an impressive level of student participation in off-campus study augment and strengthen the academic programs.

Student designs that speak for themselves

A Cage Gallery exhibit of projects conducted in London, showing models and posters

Be sure to visit the Cage Gallery, located in the lower level of Alumni Hall, to view ongoing exhibits of professional as well as student work within Architecture + Interior Design.
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