Seldom Seen: Fun and Quirky

(Farmer Gallery) All museums have collections that are rarely on view due to issues of space and preservation. There are also works of art that are so unique that it is difficult to show them alongside other pieces with any unifying contextualization. Fun & Quirky is the first in a series of exhibitions devoted to the theme of “Seldom Seen.” Works on display this spring will range from whimsical and comical to quirky and original.

January 26 - June 25, 2016

The Cocktailier by James Grashow, Artist

The Cocktailier, James Grashow, Artist

Seldom Seen Fun and Quirky. January 26 through June 25


Featured Program

Trying To Make Sense And Non: The Work & Career of Artist James Grashow

Thursday, March 31 • 5:30–6:45 p.m.

James Grashow, Artist, West Redding, Connecticut

Grashow will show and talk about his work and wild, multifaceted career. His work ranges from intense compulsive miniatures, to giant corrugated installations, to his woodcuts that have appeared for decades in magazines and periodicals. This talk is offered in conjunction with the exhibition Seldom Seen: Fun & Quirky.

Co-sponsored by the Contemporary Art Forum.