Sheldon Liang, Ph.D.

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Sheldon LiangVisiting Assistant Professor

018 Benton Hall



DEEP Strengths

  • Data-driven analytical process automation (Automated Analytical Processes)
  • Elastic agile enterprise information systems (Web-based intelligent services)
  • Enabled online analytical processing by using business intelligence (OLAP)
  • Project management via progressive big data architecture (SQL/Hadoop/Big Data)

Academic Education

  • NRC Fellow of the US Academies of Sciences, and Postdoctoral at Naval Postgraduate School 02-05
  • Ph. D. in Computer Science & Engineering, Institute of Software at Academies of Sciences 97-01
  • MTS - Master of Theological Studies at Christian Witness Theological Seminary 06-07
  • MS & BS in Information Systems & Software Engineering, Maritime University 83-88

Research interests

  • Programming language processing, cross-compiler, and computer-added software engineering (CASE) tools (two copyrighted software products)
  • Quantitative architecting software-intensive systems;
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) over the “big data”;
  • Intelligence-driven elastic automation (IDEA) for business processes;
  • Universal interfaces and user-centric experiences (U’I&U’X) for web-based intelligent services (WISE) as well.

His applied areas of research

Leadership & Communication

  • Service in community with community services, prison ministry and international ministry 17-pres
  • Service Coordinator over 30+ volunteers at Mountain Pleasant Community, Vancouver, BC 2014-17
  • Campus Chapel Speaker and Keynote Speaker at BC Imm. Professionals Conf, Vancouver, BC [Apr. 14]
  • President of a Toastmasters Club in USA, and founding President, Vancouver, BC 09, 13
  • Outstanding Initiative awarded by Toastmasters International, Pasadena, CA

Honors & Awards

  • Research Fellow Scholarship under US National Research Council (NRC), Monterey, CA [2002]
  • National Award for Advancement of Science and Technology, Beijing, CHN [2001]
  • National Ministry Award for Advancement of Science and Technology, Wuhan, CHN [1999]
  • Certificate of Best Teacher by China University of Teaching by Correspondence [1997]
  • News Interview/News report by C&C, IDG 08/22/94(20), Beijing, CHN [1994]

Job Experiences

>> Visiting Associate Professor, Oklahoma Christian University           8/17-8/18

Teaching advanced courses and research on Could Information-synthesis Outlet (WISE-CIO) by using business intelligence from distributed databases (big data: column-oriented relational database, Hadoop/MongoDB, ... )

  • WISE-CIO (Web-based Intelligent Services Enabled Cloud Info Outlet) aims to multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) queries via MapReduce over scalable distributed databases. A related paper is accepted by CUR Biennial, Jun30-Jul03, 2018, Crystal City, VA.
  • Teaching courses for both undergrads and grads in CS, such as Advanced Databases for OLAP (SQL/NoSQL/Hadoop), Design Patterns for Complex Information Systems, Operating Systems (Linux/Windows), and Object-oriented programming in Java
  • Leading undergraduate research on info-synthesis via distributed data, universal interfaces and user-centric experiences through web-based intelligent services.
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) enabled document-oriented databases of big data via data-sharding, such as column-oriented databases, mongoDB/BSON, Hadoop/MapReduce.
  • Rapid Assembly for Internet of Things via design patterns, Inversion of Control, and data- driven automation for multimedia publishing of audio, video, calendar, triVision, CabiNet

>> Principal Engineer, JasmediaCIO-Cloud Info-synthesis Outlet          8/15-7/17

JasmediaCIO is WISE (Web-based Intelligent Services Enabled Universal Interfaces & User-centric eXperiences), aiming at minimal bandwidth use for optimal info-synthesis and storage for a variety of mobile devices. With the CIO, document-oriented database can be automatically assembled on the client-side devices.

  • Universal UI/UX innovated for a variety of devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone across iOS/Windows/Android Platforms)
  • Webpages post-assembled on the client-side devices greatly improves web-security and responsiveness of web rendering & presentations
  • Post-assembly of content rendering promotes faster, safer & securer, and customizable communication between the client and the cloud (environment) by minimizing traffic, securing content in transmission, and customizing websections rendered on client devices.
  • Holistic Cloud Information Outlet created for WebServices, content managed in the cloud environment.

>> Senior IT Consultant, CAP: Communication Automated Processes via OLAP          1/14-6/15

Consultation on Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) over big data by converting business strategies into actionable intelligence through multi-tier MVC of data queries, manipulation, info-synthesis and presentation.

  • OAM & Redis (Object Actionable Mapping / Remote Dictionary Server) are used for storage of business intelligence that is utilized to automate business process.
  • XQML (eXtensible Query Markup) renovated for autoQuery across distributed data storage such as SQL/NoSQL/CSV via MapReduce.
  • Partner with senior management (CTO) and development in requirements collection and intelligence calibration.

>> Lead Software Developer, Incognito Inc. (Broadband Commanding Center)          8/12-1/14

Working on DHCP/DNS/SDN across a variety of devices by re-factoring legacy to turn hard-code decision-making into automated configuration -- the legacy codebase was well-refactored / refined with 70% hard-code eliminated.

  • Refactored existing codebase and abstracted via design patterns as SMART component (sustainable, manageable, Adaptable, Reusable and testable) for configurable automation.
  • Improved load-balancing performance by refining failover algorithm and multi-threaded processing between primary/secondary DHCP services.

>> Platform Architect/Sr Engineer, Risk Mgt Solutions/NextGen Cloud Computing           5/11-7/12

RMS models & helps insurers in financial markets, public agencies evaluate & manage catastrophe risks world-wide. Platform Architect for migrating standalone apps into new cloud platform with legacy from C++ into C#.Net: built the platform to orchestrate multi-model apps and created autoQuery to unify data queries across risk models in the enterprise RDBMS for better performance with lookup 5-10 times faster than pure SQL queries.

  • Conducted SWISS solution by utilizing WCF.Net with scalability to migrate standalone apps into the NextGen platform
  • Invented XQML (eXtensible Query Markup Language) to generate context-sensitive queries over SQL/NoSQL/CSV.

>> Software Architect / System Analyst, Yootech Associates, LLC, Plainsboro, NJ          8/10-5/11

  • Major software: Windows, C#/ .Net, and SQL-Server as basic development platform and programming tools/languages
  • Optimize/re-architect the existing systems (singly-lengthy process) into data buffering, concurrent processing, distributed collaboration.
  • Create traceable, scalable and flexible processes for Real-time (RT) data from the trading market for the sake of easy maintenance.
  • Analyzing RT market data (NYSE & NASDAQ) for pattern recognition, and dynamic strategy adjustment for e-signals to trigger profitable algorithmic trading process. Develop Trading process via ECN is to automate the trading process by integrating e-signal (trigger) communication and strategy adjustment as a whole.

>> Assistant Professor, Azusa Pacific University, Azusa CA          8/07-7/10

  • C#/C++, Java and Ada and Linux/Windows are used as basic development tools and platform, while HTML, SQL and Script as presentation tools
  • Documentation-driven software development process on the basis of the quantifiable interoperating model and Ada-based descriptive architecture.
  • Central to quantitatively architecting dependable systems is the well-formalized quantifiable interoperating model (QIM) enabling verification of quantitative attributes during architectural design and dynamically monitoring at runtime.

>> Visiting Assistant Professor, Montana Tech, Butte, MT          8/06-7/07

  • As a visiting assistant professor, my focus was on teaching CS&SE courses, among whom, I succeeded in teaching Networking Principles, and Advanced Software Architecture & Design
  • Directed team-oriented projects for both distributed computing over-the-network, and event-driven architectural mechanism implemented in Ada05.

>> NRC Fellow, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA          4/02-3/04

  • Major development platform and tools are Ada95 (for core real-time computing), Java (for GUI presentation), and Seamless Workstation/PC communication, and interoperating among heterogeneous (legacy) components
  • Initiated quantifiable architectural synthesis for development and evolution of dependable systems; discovered measurable and computable attributes for dependability.
  • Developed an architectural synthesizing process used throughout the software development lifecycle; implemented automated transitioning between perspective models with inherent semantic consistency.

>> Senior Consultant, Cuperion Technology, Inc., Cupertino, CA          5/04-7/06

  • Major development process demonstrates object-oriented methodology and UML and model-driven application development
  • Initiated knowledge-based template strategy for auto-generating multiple reports from multiple legacy systems with emphasis on data retrieval / analysis, and comprehension.
  • Promoted model-driven application development for manufacturing execution systems (MES). These models encompassed broad classes of "middleware" software to manage operations in a manufacturing facility.

>> System Analyst/Software Architect/Project Manager, China State Shipbuilding Corp., CHN          8/97-3/02

  • OO Analysis and Design / Software tools and platform are UML, C++, Ada05, Oracle-SQL, COM+ and Window-PC/Solaris-Workstation
  • Requirements analysis by interacting with first-line supervisors to obtain understanding of operational concepts; made technical presentations to various stakeholders.
  • Supervised a group of eight including developers, testers, and network administrators in an effort on a command, communication and control system at a tight schedule.
  • Succeeded as a nation-level awardee for Comprehensive Network Operational Systems.

>> Associate Professor, Huazhong (Central China) Univ. of Sci. & Tech, CHN          6/95-7/97

  • Principal investigator of web-based rapid integration of application development for the National Science Foundation of China; supervised four graduates in this proposed research.
  • Established a database for managing reusable and generalized components and templates, and distributed communication facilities via standard internetworking protocol.
  • Developed a software engineering program for information technology enterprises to promote Rational Unified Process and associated object technology.

>> Project Manager/Lead Engineer, Diagsoft LLC, Guangzhou, CHN (C++/Fortran)          6/93-5/95

  • Two awards of best software product granted by state software association of China (SSAC); two copyrights granted by the National Copyright Registration Center in China.
  • Principal investigator for Interactive Programming through Intelligent Diagram (IPID); initiated a diagrammatic representation for C/C++, FORTRAN, Pascal, and Ada.
  • Designed and supervised a group of five in developing a series of IPID software products; coordinated design, coding, testing, marketing, and deployment.

>> Senior Software Engineer, Wuhan Digital Engineering Institute, Wuhan, CHN          8/85-5/93

  • Two national ministerial awards for advancement of science and technology for an Ada-based graphical object-oriented development system (Ada-GOODS).
  • Carried out a development project to support forward engineering (software development) and reverse engineering (program analysis).
  • Developed a semantic base for incorporated activities into a project: programming-in-the-small (PITS), programming-in-the-large (PITL) and programming-in-the-many (PITM).

Papers & Publications


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[2] NEWS-RM: Novel Elastic Workflow Solutions to Risk Management via a 3-tier Computational Framework in the NextGen Cloud Computing, San Jose, CA 2012

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Published Books

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