Students are assigned a faculty or staff academic advisor in their department or division of major in the fall semester of their first year. Once an academic advisor is assigned, he/she typically becomes the student's primary academic advisor for the duration of their career at Miami. For more information on Miami University’s advising policies and practices see

Advisor assignments in the MME Department by student last name and catalog year are listed below.

Advisor List

Catalog Year


    Major         Last Names         Advisor

MFG & EGM            All                   Khan

    MCH                  A-H        Corti (Cameron Fall)

    MCH                  J-L                  Singh

    MCH                  M-R                Shukla

    MCH                  S                    Richter

    MCH                  T-Z                  Singh


    Major         Last Names         Advisor

MFG & EGM           All                 Caraballo

    MCH                  A-C                Richter

    MCH                  D-H                Safari

    MCH                  J-L                  Moller

    MCH                  M-P                 Shukla

    MCH                  R-S               Caraballo

    MCH                  T-Z            Bailey-Van-Kuren


    Major         Last Names         Advisor

MFG & EGM           All                 Cameron

    MCH                  A-H                 Dollár

    MCH                  I-Z                  Shukla


    Major         Last Names         Advisor

MFG & EGM           All                   Moller

    MCH                  A-G                  Khan

    MCH                  H-M                  Koo

    MCH                  N-Z               Sommers


    Major         Last Names         Advisor

MFG & EGM           All             Bailey-Van-Kuren

    MCH                  A-L               Birchfield

    MCH                  M-Z                Singh

Advisee Responsibilities

  • Being familiar with the curricular requirements of their major,
  • Learning how to read their DARS,
  • Reading their DARS and checking it regularly,
  • Being on time, prepared, and respectful,
  • Reading and being responsible for messages sent by the MME department or their advisor,
  • Reading and being responsible for announcements posted on MyMiami,
  • Reading and keeping a copy of the MME Undergraduate Student Handbook,
  • Attending first-year student advising events during their first year in the program,
  • Preparing plans for possible course selections and alternatives,
  • Being familiar with course registration procedures,
  • Petitioning the MME department for transfer of credit for engineering courses or exceptions to the curricular requirements for graduation,
  • Contacting the registrar to apply for transfer of credit for non-engineering courses,
  • Notifying their advisor of any academic and procedural difficulties.