Professional Learning Team

Ms. Jean Richardson (Assistant Director, iDiscovery), Ms. Jan Taylor, (Program Coordinator, iDiscovery), along with assistance from Executive and Support  Team staff members, comprise the Center’s Professional Learning Team. This team manages a wide range of professional learning activities focused on STEM education.  For more information about this Discovery Center team, and their work, or to request Center services from this team, please contact Ms. Jean Richardson at For general questions about iDiscovery, or for questions related to iDiscovery courses, please contact Ms. Sara Hayes at, or call the Discovery Center at 513-529-1686.

Jean RichardsonJean Richardson, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, iDiscovery
440-488-8251 (cell)

Jan TaylorJan Taylor
Program Coordinator, iDiscovery
740-398-5169 (cell)