Certificates and Endorsements

Computer/Technology Endorsement Pulley Tower

Computer/Technology Endorsement

Designed to prepare K-12 teachers to foster teacher coaches and facilitators in leveraging the power of technology and media to engage students in meaningful learning.
Assessment & Evaluation pulley tower

Assessment & Evaluation

Develop in-depth expertise in the real-world application of educational evaluation, including testing. Upon completion, students will be able to design a program evaluation, develop tests and surveys, evaluate test and survey data, use a variety of software tools, and access, use and interpret evaluation and assessment databases.
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) pulley tower

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Develop a broad and updated knowledge base in current research & trends, methods for classroom instruction, understanding and developing approaches to social-emotional and communicative skills, and methods for behavior support & intervention.
Human Brain and Learning pulley tower

Human Brain and Learning

This certificate program is available to master's and doctoral candidates in any field of study across the university. Its purpose is to enhance a disciplinary graduate degree with specialization in human cognition, learning, and development. Courses stress interaction between theory and practice through research with connections to human learning and development.
Quantitative Data Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences pulley tower

Quantitative Data Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences

The Quantitative Data Analysis in Education and the Social Sciences Certificate is intended to provide knowledge in statistics and practical skills to conduct both simple and sophisticated statistical analyses in the fields of social sciences and business.  Students will be able to identify and utilize appropriate statistical procedures for problems in social sciences and business, and to correctly interpret and report the findings from the results of the statistical analyses.
Instructional Design & Educational Technology pulley tower at Miami University

Instructional Design & Educational Technology

The Graduate Certificate for Instructional Design & Educational Technology intended to provide instructional designers and educators with core knowledge about the processes involved in the design, development and integration of technology-based instructional media, methods and systems.