Information for Current Majors

There are four content concentration options available to MCE majors. Each MCE major selects two of these concentrations as areas in which they will be licensed to teach in grades 4-9 (in addition to being licensed to teach reading in this grade band).  The various combinations of these two concentrations create 6 possible MCE majors. Each of these major options is listed below. Please visit the Teacher Education offices in McGuffey 401 for more information on the required coursework for each.

Below that is the name of the EDT faculty member that is assigned as the primary advisor for that particular major. In other words, if, say, Language Arts and Math are your two concentration areas in MCE, then Kim Wachenheim is your advisor.

MCE Majors – Language Arts/Math
Kim Wachenheim,
Catherine Haerr,

MCE Majors – Language Arts/Science
Naz Bautista,
Catherine Haerr,

MCE Majors - Language Arts/Social Studies
Jim Shiveley, 
Catherine Haerr,

MCE Majors – Math/Social Studies
Advisor: Jim Shiveley,

MCE Majors – Math/Science
Advisor: Kim Wachenheim,

MCE Majors – Science/Social Studies
Advisor: Naz Bautista,