Program of Study

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Psychology program requires 30 semester hours (15 hours in the core requirements and 15 in an emphasis area). Within a general option, students may focus on educational measurement and research or other relevant areas. Students may also obtain the Certificate in Assessment and Evaluation within the general option.

The sequence of courses for EPIC students, including the transfer of 12 credits of graduate study taken from a Chinese college, is listed below. Students are admitted in cohorts each fall and take full course loads (9 hours) each semester. Students may take fewer than 9 credit hours only in their final semester if they have completed all program required courses (except the final research project).

EPIC Joint Agreement Students graduate within 2 years.
Sample plan of study:

Transfer Credits (12)

EDP 690, EDP 667, and 2 of these 3 courses(or their equivalents): EDP 607, EDP 603, EDP 635

First Fall Term at Miami-Oxford

EDP 690B (language & culture)
EDP 601
ENG 119 (if not required, EDP 607 or another program course may be selected)

First Spring Term at Miami-Oxford

EDP 651
EDP 635
EDP 532 or other EDP/FSW program course

First Summer Term at Miami-Oxford

EDP 652

In addition to the curriculum, the EPIC program provides many additional learning opportunities for students. Students may participate in workshops, conduct research and report their findings at national conferences. Students have attended such conferences at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), Association for Psychological Science (APS), American Psychological Association (APA) and Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA).