Dr. Boone teaching class.

Course Sequence for Students in Special Programs

Program of Study for 4 + 1 Students

Students in this program follow the regular FSW undergraduate program requirements during their first three years. If they have been accepted into the 4 + 1 program in their junior year, then in their senior year they take EDP 601 during fall term and EDP 635 in spring term. They may also take more 600 level courses as seniors (e.g., EDP 603 or EDP 651) or they may count 2 FSW 500 level courses as part of the 12 hour combined program coursework. They complete their EDP master’s degree in the following year.

Program of Study for Epic Students

The sequence of courses for students who are in the EPIC program, which involves the transfer of up to 12 credits of graduate study taken from their Chinese college, is listed below. Students are admitted in cohorts each fall and take full course loads (9 hours) each semester except their final semester, in which they may take 1 credit hour for one semester after completing all program required courses except the final research project. They may have a second 1 credit term with special permission from the Graduate Dean. These students typically complete their master’s coursework in 1½ years at Miami University.

Sample program plan for students transferring 12 credits from joint agreement universities

Transfer Credits (12): EDP 690, EDP 667, and 2 of these 3 courses (or their equivalents): EDP 607, EDP 603, EDP 635
First Fall Term at Miami-Oxford: EDP 600 (language & culture course), EDP 601, ENG 119 (if not required, select EDP 607, EDP 603 or another program course)
First Spring Term at Miami-Oxford: EDP 651, EDP 635, EDP 532 or other EDP/FSW program course
First Summer Term at Miami-Oxford: EDP 652 (if not enrolled in first summer, select EDP 652 in second fall term)

EPIC Joint Agreement Students Graduate in 18 Months