Dr. Boone teaching class.

Master's Program Evaluation

There are three core courses used to evaluate student performance in the program.

Measurable Objectives for EDP 601

Students will examine effective educational practices and policies discussed by educational psychology theorists, critically evaluate existing educational practices from the perspectives of educational psychologists, and gain a reflective theoretical perspective to inform their use of such practices and policies in their professional lives.

Successfully completing three assignments will meet the course objectives.
Scoring at least 80% on two class tests that requiring comparing theories and applying theoretical ideas to educational cases.
Presenting a debate on a controversial issue in educational psychology practice.
Interviewing a practicing educator regarding educational psychology theories that have relevance in the classroom and writing a paper describing and evaluating teacher practice in light of educational psychology theories.

Measurable Objectives for EDP 651

Student will be able to write a complete research proposal, and accurately and consistently present all the required information in each section as well as the entire proposal.

Measurable Objectives for EDP 652

EDP 652 Research Practicum
The research practicum is designed to help students complete their research project. Students will enter the course at different stages in their work, share their work with other students and the instructor, discuss ideas together, and make progress toward their goal of completion of the research project. Both group and individual meetings will be held, as needed. A plan of action will be developed by each student and approved by the final session of the course. Students receive an S grade if they do not complete their research project work before the semester ends. They will receive final grade after all work is completed.

Student must receive a score of at least 12 to pass the course.

The rubrics used for evaluation of the core courses in the Master’s in Educational Psychology (EDP 601, 651, and 652) are available from your advisor.