Dr. Boone teaching class.

General Program of Study for Masters Degree

Note: Up to 10 hours can be transferred from other universities. Up to 8 hours from Miami can be counted toward the program before being officially enrolled in the Master’s. Applications for acceptance into the Masters are reviewed in November and May.

CORE Courses Requirements for All Focuses and Options

ALL of the following:
EDP601 Advanced Educational Psychology (3 hrs)
EDP651 Educational Research (3 hrs)
EHS667 Behavioral Statistics I (3 hrs) or EHS 668 Behavioral Statistics II (3 hrs)
EDP652 Educational Research Practicum (3 hrs)

ONE of the following:
EDL621 Foundations of Multi-Cultural Education
EDL625 Social Foundations of Education
EDP607 Educational Measurement and Evaluation
EDP621 Classroom Group Behavior
EDP632 Instructional Design Theories and Models
EDP635 Theories of Human Development
EDP656 Education of Individuals with Exceptionalities
EDP669 Qualitative Research in Education
FSW595 Advanced Survey of Family Science
FSW562 Family Policy, Law, and Ethics

In addition to the core, all students take 15 additional hours, either In the Psychological Focus (licensure not required) or in the Educational Focus (previous license is required).