Dr. Boone teaching class.

Psychological Focus

The Psychological Focus has two options: Human Development, Learning, and Family Studies and General Option. Within the General Option, a set of courses related to measurement, evaluation, and statistics have been identified that lead to Certificates. Other emphasis areas are individually designed with adviser.

Human Development, Learning, and Family Studies Option (15 Hours Required)

An emphasis in human development, learning, and family studies provides the learner with an in-depth focus on the interdisciplinary study of applied development, learning, and family issues. This program requires 30 semester hours (15 hours in the core requirements and 15 in the emphasis area).

ALL of the Following:
EDP603 Theories of Human Learning
or FSW562 Family Policy, Law & Ethics
or FSW/GTY566 Later Life Families
EDP635 Theories of Human Development
EDP640 Seminar in Applied Human Development
or FSW575 Family Theories
or FSW595 Advanced Survey of Family Science

SIX Credit Hours of the Following:
EDP621 Classroom Group Behavior
EDP662 Personality Theories, Measures, Techniques
EDP690 Seminar in Educational Psychology: Development Topics
EDP640 Seminar in Applied Human Development: Development Topics
EDL614 Family, Community, and Schools
FSW/EDP581 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families
FSW593 Qualitative Methods in Family Studies
EDP669 Qualitative Research in Educational Psychology
FSW518 The Family Life Education Process
FSW551 Family Violence
FSW681 Parenting Theories and Applications
FSW660 Family Differences in the United States

Total Hours in Human Development, Learning, and Family Studies Option: 15 hours

General Option (15 Hours Required)

The general option is planned with your advisor and consists of 15 hours of focused course work. For example, it might be in cross cultural learning, brain and learning, mental health, or assessment and evaluation of learning. Three certificate options are presently available within the general option.

SUGGESTED FIFTEEN Credit Hours for a Certificate in Assessment and Evaluation OR Applied Statistics. Select from the following:
EDP607 Educational Measurement and Evaluation1
EDP655 Theory and Problems in Educational Measurement1
EDP690 Seminar in Program Evaluation1
EHS667 Behavioral Statistics I2
EHS668 Behavioral Statistics II2
EDP688 SPSS Series I2
EDP689 SPSS Series II2
EDP603 Theories of Human Learning3
PSY620 Psychophysiology Lab3
PSY551 Cognitive Neuroscience or PSY 574 Advanced Cognitive Processes3 or
PSY630 Cognitive Development or PSY 556 Neurobiology of Learning
EDP690 Learning & the Brain3 or EDP 635 Theories of Human Development or
EDP601 Advanced Educational Psychology

1Courses required for Certificate in Assessment and Evaluation
2Courses required for Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis in Social
34 of these 9 courses required for Certificate in Human Brain and Learning