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Research Project Process

The culmination of the Educational Psychology master’s program is a research project, not a thesis. The research project requires students to study a problem that is relevant to the student’s areas of interest. The courses EDP 651 and 652 are designed to help students define, create, critique, and complete their research project. By the completion of EDP 651, their research plan should be in place and then IRB approval for collecting data should be sought. During 652, the student collects data or completes the collection of data, conducts analysis, and writes the final version of the research paper. The grade of passing for 652 is not given until students have presented their work to their committee, which consists of their chair and at least 2 other EDP faculty (there may also be a faculty member from another relevant department – 4 members in all.

Typically students complete these objectives in EDP 651:

  • Select/refine topic of research and specific problem to be investigated.
  • Conduct/complete literature search and writing of review of literature relevant to problem.
  • Select/refine methodology to be used to investigate problem; complete writing of method section.
  • Identify advisor for thesis/research project and begin/continue work with that advisor.
  • Develop a plan of action for conducting data collection and analysis and/or writing results and discussion sections.
  • Submit plan to IRB

Typically students complete the research project when enrolled in EDP 652 or within the semester immediately following this course. Students complete these objectives in EDP 652:

  • Complete the document preparation and obtain approval for data collection if that has not already been accomplished.
  • Collect data, analyze data, and complete writing of the research project document.
  • Present the research project to their committee for approval to graduate with the master’s degree. A grade for 652 is not given until this step has been accomplished.
Selecting a Research Project Chair and Committee

The committee chair should be selected by the end of EDP 651 or at least no later than the beginning of EDP652. Usually the student selects a chair by contacting faculty members that they have had for coursework to discuss their ideas. Faculty also come to EDP 651 to introduce themselves and describe their work so that students may gain familiarity with their research. The chair usually assists the student in identifying the other committee members.

General Research Project Manuscript Guidelines

All sections of the document must meet the standards described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington: APA