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Statement of Diversity, Accommodations and Academic Integrity

Statement of Diversity

Miami University’s diversity statement says that “[We] are a community dedicated to intellectual engagement…we bring our unique viewpoints and life experiences together for the benefit of all…. within an environment of mutual respect and positive engagement” Those within the Educational Psychology (EDP) program operate in accordance with this statement. We are respectful to all persons regardless of personal attribute and respectful of all viewpoints expressed by others.

The Educational Psychology program not only adheres to this principle of diversity, but like the university as a whole, we operate under the Americans with Disabilities Act. MUPIM 3.4 affirms that Miami University adheres to all laws and rules governing non-discrimination. EDP therefore affords all students, faculty and staff accommodations per the accommodation process of the institution. Persons with “disabilities” or “challenges” that limit or require either permanent or temporary intervention to facilitate performance are encouraged to seek guidance and support from the Office of Disability Resources or the Rinella Learning Center on campus.

Academic Integrity

Please refer to Miami University’s Student Handbook for details about academic integrity policies. Academic integrity is a cornerstone for scholarly pursuit in education. Miami’s policy on academic integrity and violations of dishonesty hold all Miami scholars to a high standard of conduct. This standard relates to misuse of research and research protocols, illegal downloading, plagiarism and/or using any information without quoting and appropriate citation. Violations have resulted in students being charged with Academic Dishonesty. In such cases, students may have AD (Academic Dishonesty) placed on their transcript, or / and receive an F for the course. Refer to the materials connected with this link: https://www.miamioh.edu/integrity/.

Refer to the materials linked to these sites for more information on diversity, disability policies, and academic integrity (dishonesty) policies.