SEOH prepares and develops Intervention Specialists who can:

  • Identify and support learners with all types of developmental differences in the Mild to Moderate range
  • Collaborate effectively with students, family members, colleagues and community members for best outcomes for students
  • Interpret assessment data effectively and pair this with personal knowledge of students as individuals to design the best educational instruction, strategies and supports that optimize learning outcomes and social interactions
  • Advocate for socially just practices in schools with a deep awareness of issues of dis/ability, race, class, gender and sexuality and the ways in which they may impact identification of and/or service delivery for children
  • Demonstrate leadership in the field for promoting productive changes consistent with social change and growth

Program Curriculum Tracks  

SEOH offers four curriculum tracks. Three tracks lead to a master's degree in special education. Three tracks include the necessary coursework to apply for an Ohio K-12 Mild-Moderate Intervention Specialist teaching license. To find the appropriate track for you, please visit our Program Tracks page. Students typically pursue their programs part-time, but a full-time option is also available.

Course Format

Coursework is primarily web-based and asynchronous utilizing a web-based course management system and audio/video conferencing. Courses also include three live, in-person synchronous sessions most semesters. Live sessions are always on Saturdays, typically taking place between the hours of 9AM-2PM. Live session Saturdays generally occur once a month. They provide students the space and time to meet and discuss their courses and projects, as well as receive support and interact with advisors, faculty, and their peers. The web-based course work varies in each course and may include asynchronous project-based activities and discussions as well as sessions that may occur via web-based video conferencing or webinars.

Attractive Features

  • Structured to quickly and efficiently license intervention specialists to alleviate shortages in the field of special education
  • Hybrid of primarily web-based, asynchronous coursework coupled with live, synchronous course meetings
  • Pathway to license and degree available to students without previous teacher education training
  • Faculty offer a mix of exceptionally strong commitment to teaching with extensive special education practitioner experience

Academic Calendar

2017-2018 SEOH Academic Calendar
Course Term Courses Begin Live Session #1 Live Session #2 Live Session #3 Term Ends
Summer May 22 Jun 2 Jun 23 Jul 7 Jul 14
2018-2019 SEOH Academic Calendar
Course Term Courses Begin Live Session #1 Live Session #2 Live Session #3 Term Ends
Fall Sep 10 Sep 15 Oct 27 Dec 8 Dec 15
Winter Jan 2 Jan 5 Feb 2 Feb 23 Mar 2
Spring* Mar 11 Mar 16 Apr 13 May 11 May 18
Summer May 21 Jun 1 TBA TBA Jul 13

*Spring break is not observed.