May SEOH Program News

Summer Courses

The summer term begins May 16 with SEOH program courses kicking off at our live session meeting on May 20. Most of our summer courses will meet face to face only once. A few others will meet three times, and one course is entirely online. Anyone registered for EDT 646 should note their section of the course. Section A is not taught in our SEOH program format, and therefore has meeting times different from section B, the SEOH section of the course. It is fine to be enrolled in the A section, as it is the same course - just be aware that the course format and meeting times do not coincide with the other SEOH courses offered this summer.

EDP 586 is offered in two different terms this summer. The first summer section is for the Spring 2017 cohort of students, taught in the summer V-term. The second summer section of this course is taught in the summer Z-term, for students in the Fall 2016 cohort. Consult your plan of study, and please call our office with any questions regarding your course selections. Contact the One Stop office if you have any issues regarding registration. 

May Live Sessions

We look forward to this Saturday’s final course meeting of the spring semester on May 6. Our first summer live session is May 20!

May 6, 2017
9:00AM–10:30AM, EDP 656
9:00AM–10:30AM, EDP 596
10:45AM–12:15PM, EDP 650A
10:45AM–12:15PM, EDP 572
12:30PM–2:00PM, EDT 642

May 20, 2017
9:00AM–10:30AM, EDP 650B
9:00AM–10:30AM, EDP 667
10:45AM–12:15PM, EDP 578
10:45AM–12:15PM, EDP 586 (Section VVA, CRN: 36081)
10:45AM–12:15PM, EDP 652
12:30PM–2:00PM, EDT 646 (Section VVB, CRN: 35267)

As always, please remember to sign in upon arrival :)

May Dates to Remember

Spring '17 licensure students M.Ed. application deadline: 5/10
Last day of spring courses: 5/13
University Spring Commencement: 5/13
EHS Divisional Ceremony: 5/14
Summer semester begins: 5/16
Last day to web register for summer: 5/17
Spring grades viewable: 5/18
Last day to add, drop without grade: 5/24

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    mcguffey hall

    Department of Educational Psychology

    Our programs of study in Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Special Education, and Instructional Design and Technology provide an integrated perspective on psychological and educational issues, exceptionality/disability studies, and technological issues in learning and instructional design. Our faculty provide rich academic and supportive experiences to facilitate student development of important skill sets.

    Give to EDP201 McGuffey Hall
    Oxford, OH 45056
    513-529-3646 (fax)

    Special Education Online/Hybrid Program

    We're happy to arrange an appointment if you'd like to meet us in person in Oxford or at the Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester. A West Chester visit may include a tour of our live session facilities and a classroom visit.

    Department of Educational Psychology
    210 E. Spring Street
    201 McGuffey Hall