M.Ed. in Transformative Education

TEAM Scholarship

The Teacher Education Access at Miami (TEAM) Scholarship provides a 50% discount on graduate tuition and fees for Ohio PreK-12 Educators.

Program Overview

Transformative Education is an M.Ed. program offered jointly by the Departments of Teacher Education and Educational Leadership. Many of the courses are offered through the Miami's Voice of America Learning Center (VOALC) in West Chester, Ohio in the evening, to accommodate the needs of working professionals.

The program is intended to prepare educators to provide leadership in transforming teaching and learning in schools and communities. The program is framed around the economic, political and social contexts of schools and communities, and how these shape the abilities of educators and community members to enact change.

The program emphasizes the development of key skills for transforming classrooms and schools, including an emphasis on curricular innovation, data informed-decision making, and educational leadership. Particular attention is paid to addressing issues of equity within education and developing leadership skills for improving instruction and student achievement.

This degree program does not include educational licensure, although state licensure, endorsement or university certification programs may be incorporated into the program’s concentration hours. Admitted students are not required to have an educational or teacher’s license.

This masters program may be of special interest to:

1. Licensed educators who want to enhance their work with an endorsement, graduate certificate, or concentration in a special area of interest.

2. Those who are working to position themselves as educational advocates for students, schools, and communities.

3. Teachers who want to study on a part-time basis (1 or 2 courses per semester, and during the summer) and who seek the theoretical and practical foundations for a robust, dynamic pedagogy in classrooms.

4. Citizen-scholars interested in continuing in a doctoral program such as the Department of Educational Leadership’s program in Leadership, Culture & Curriculum.

Course Requirements