Student Projects

Client-based projects that are a part of student academic programs in Management & Leadership as well as in Supply Chain and Operations Management are organized under the Crunchtime umbrella.

Crunchtime consists of the client-based projects in two courses: MGT474 (Human Capital Metrics) and MGT432 (Global Strategic Sourcing). Crunchtime projects are generally small consulting projects that are appropriate for students. In the MGT474 class the projects are usually gear toward identifying the impact HR related programs have on broader business measures. For example, what impact does a sales training program have on actual sales? Projects in MGT432 are generally tied to supply chain management and include spend analyses, expense analyses, warehouse design, etc. Data collection and analysis is a frequent component of all Crunchtime projects. Crunchtime projects are generally small and the type of project a small group of students could do in 6-8 weeks as part of a class. We do not charge for Crunchtime projects. For more details on student Crunchtime projects, visit our Crunchtime website.