Rollout of the new Bank of America Merrill Lynch Visa P-cards begins
Accounts payable has begun the rollout of replacing the JP Morgan Chase P-cards with the new Bank of America P-Cards.
Classified Compensation Committee sets pay zones
In a continuing effort to build and maintain competitive compensation systems for classified staff, the Classified Compensation Committee was convened beginning in 2016 and has met routinely since that time.
Annual increases for unclassified and classified staff announced
Human Resources and Academic Personnel are pleased to announce information regarding annual increases for unclassified and classified staff and faculty.
If Goldilocks were a government tax form, she would be a Form W-4
Keep your W-4 up to date to ensure your tax withholding status is just right.
Farm Fresh Veggies-Direct to You!
Easy, healthy choices through CSA.
Summer Fitness
Fitness continues after the semester.
Five Free, Fun Things, plus one, at Miami in May
Miami Matters brings you six, free fun things to do at Miami this month.
2019 Summer Business Hours
2019 Summer Business Hours
Financial Wellness Expo 2019
Would you like to know more about the resources that can help you achieve financial wellness?