Learn how to stay informed about emergency closings
Inclement weather season is upon us, and procedures are in place to keep employees informed and up-to-date on all emergency closing situations.
Winter weather coming: Sign up for text alerts
With temperatures hovering around the 70s in November it's hard to think about the possibility of severe weather. This is typically the time of year we communicate to the university community about the best way to find out if the university is closed.
It is not too late to save on your 2016 Health Premiums
The deadline to complete your Healthy Miami steps is just around the corner. Sunday, Nov. 15, marks the end of the 2015 Premium Discount Program.
Qualtrics survey tool increases email sending limits
Qualtrics is Miami's survey creation tool, and its use is free for all faculty and staff, as well as students who have a faculty sponsor.
Five Free, Fun Things at Miami in November
Miami Matters brings you five free, fun things to do at Miami each month. We've highlighted five activities for November on Miami's Oxford and Regional campuses.
The countdown is on: Only 1 day left for open enrollment
Open enrollment is the one time each year when you can make benefit plan changes. Elections for calendar year 2016 must be made via BannerWeb open enrollment before 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015.
Cooking Classes: Good for your health and the environment
Miami's Benefits & Wellness team hosts about four faculty and staff cooking classes per year. These classes are led by our team's registered dietician and allow participants to gain experience preparing, cooking and sampling healthy recipes.
Departmental shared file services are moving
— IT services is in the process of migrating the Windows shared file service (departmental shared file space, also known as G:drive, and individual file space, also known at M: drive) to a new infrastructure.
Creating a strong password: As much art as science
"Make sure you use a strong password." How many times have you been told this? Why is this so important? That set of characters is the key that can unlock all of your online personal information. So, how does one go about creating a strong password? And just as important, actually remembering what it is.