Want to know your pay raise?
Human resources announces pay raises and appointment letters.
"Eduroam"-ing to your Miami home
Studying and traveling abroad got a little easier this year when Miami began partnering with an Internet service called eduroam.
Kate Stoss answers questions about HireTouch
A HireTouch Customer Advisory Group provides valuable advice regarding needed functionality and assisted with system testing.
Student Technology Fee funds innovative projects for FY16
The next time a student asks where the Student Technology Fee is spent, tell them that it supports technology from the wireless Internet access in the residence halls to a host of student- and faculty-sponsored projects.
Learn about job enrichment, personality traits and more at the SATSS Summer Conference
Classified employees can register now for the 3rd annual SATSS Summer Conference Thursday, July 16, presented by the Classified Personnel Advisory Committee (CPAC).
Walk your way to a Healthy Miami: Summer’s a great time to schedule your screening
What do walking and Healthy Miami have in common? Taking a daily walk on "the most beautiful campus that there ever was" can lead to great health benefits.
Do you have large attachments to share? Try Filelocker
Have you tried to share a large attachment or other file with a colleague and run into size limits?
Adorn your car rearview mirror with a 2015-2016 parking tag
Employees can now renew their parking permits. This year, employees can purchase either red ($75) or white ($0) tags for the 2015-2016 academic year. There's also a carpool option: $30 ($15 a piece for two people) and $0 for three or more people.
Health coaching a success with Miami employees: Meet Donna and Tyler
This time last year, walking up a single flight of stairs would force Donna Boen to stop and catch her breath. Finally sick of being tired, she emailed Miami's employee benefits and wellness department to ask about its free health coach program.