The buzz in HR is the new personnel online system HireTouch
What's new in employment in HR? You've probably heard the buzz that HireTouch will replace PeopleAdmin as the new online position management, applicant tracking and hiring system for the university.
Protect your online personal data
Your personal data is online – from your banking information to your shopping history to your health care information. Is that data safe? What can you do?
Human resources introduces a new online hiring system and new software to create forms
A new online personnel hiring system, HireTouch, will replace the current hiring system, PeopleAdmin, with implementation scheduled for late February. 
Eduroam provides remote access to Miami network
Miami recently began partnering with an Internet service called eduroam (education roaming).  
Millions given away to date: Get your proposal in for 2015-2016 tech fee funds
What do a virtual cadaver in kinesiology and iPads to borrow in the libraries have in common? Both were funded through the Student Technology Fee Competitive Proposal Process. Deadline to submit 2015-2016 proposals is March 6.
Human resources works to help unclutter your inbox
Tired of all the listserv emails? So are we. Human resources and university communications and marketing recently developed new ways to deliver important information to you. The result - a less cluttered email inbox.
Cassie Wilson offers up a "typical day" of Miami wellness programs
People often ask me what a typical day looks like on the Wellness side of Miami's Benefits & Wellness department. Typical may not be the right word. But, I do know that each day brings a variety of amazing opportunities for employees to take some time for themselves to refresh, re-energize and refocus.
Five Free, Fun Things at Miami in February
Miami Matters brings you five, free fun things to do at Miami each month from events listed on the Miami Events calendar.
Creativity and Innovation: With ideas generated, the hard work begins
Hundreds of ideas were generated during last week's brainstorming session for Miami's 2015-2016 celebration of creativity and innovation. What's next? Hard work.