Explanation of Fees

Fees are calculated based on:

  • The campus to which you are admitted
  • The number of credit hours for which you are enrolled
  • The level of enrollment (undergraduate vs graduate)
  • Whether you live on campus or off campus
  • The term for which you are admitted

Description of Fees

Instructional Fee

Associated to the instruction of the class.

General Fee

Other University services offered to the student:

  • Student Health Service Center
  • Recreational Sports Center
  • Millett Assembly Hall
  • Goggin Ice Center
  • Student Organizations
  • Scholastic Club Sports
  • Lectures & Artists
  • Music Organizations
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Other Student Activities

Transit Fee

Fee for having access to the Miami University bus transportation system. Provides transportation around campus, uptown, and to off-campus student housing areas.

Armstrong Student Center Fee

Voted on by Miami students in 2013, the Armstrong Student Center fee pays for part of the construction and operating costs of the Armstrong Student Center. For more information on this fee, including its history and evolution, please see Student Center Fee.

Out of State

Miami University receives subsidy from the State of Ohio for students who are Ohio residents. Non-Ohio residents are required to pay the Out of State fee.

Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee supports a data network infrastructure that brings high-speed, flexible, Internet communications to local student residences. The fee is billed to all students to help build high-speed off-campus data connections that will support Miami's teaching. It is not a fee-for-service, but a fee supporting a fundamental piece of the University's infrastructure. The program and its associated fees were reviewed with the Associated Student Government, which made suggestions for change that were adopted before the program began.

Business Course Surcharge

A per credit hour fee, in addition to general Miami tuition, applicable to the majority of courses offered by the Farmer School of Business.

College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) Fee

The primary purpose of the fee is to maintain the quality of our undergraduate program. Students who are full time will be charged the full fee while part time students will be charged a pro-rated amount dependent on the number of credit hours taken in the semester.

Additional Fees