Tablet with 3-D images of graphs and charts appearing to pop up from screen. The Applied Social Research major provides students with a solid foundation in the social sciences and develops strong research skills.
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Applied Social Research

What is the B.S. in Applied Social Sciences?

A B.S. in Applied Social Sciences with a major in Applied Social Research (ASO) will provide students with a broad foundation in the social sciences and the skills necessary to design, conduct, interpret, evaluate and present quantitative and qualitative research integral to understanding complex social phenomena. This degree will provide students with core skills in the use of computer technology and software, data analysis, and oral, written, and visual communication abilities. Graduates will be prepared for graduate school programs or work as researchers and data analysts in a wide range of careers including business, marketing and finance, education, healthcare, local and state government, non-profit organizations, and social service agencies.

What is the major in Applied Social Research?

This major is offered through Miami University Regionals and can be completed at the Hamilton and Middletown locations. This multidisciplinary skills-based degree seeks to provide students with a solid foundation in the social sciences and develop strong research skills. Participation in multiple research projects will play a central role in the curriculum. The objective is to enable students to develop widely applicable, hands-on research skills in applied social science research methodology and promote the ability to secure sustainable employment.

What classes would I take?

The curriculum consists of a variety of social science and social science research courses along with basic statistics. In addition, students will be required to complete an internship or an independent study as part of this degree program. The Career, Co-op, and Internship office will assist with placing students. Organizations like Miami University’s Applied Research Center in downtown Middletown will be able to provide internship opportunities for several students in the program each semester. View curriculum information at Miami University's undergraduate General Bulletin website.

What can I do with this major?

Graduates with this multidisciplinary applied social science degree are qualified for careers such as:

● Economic and Data Analyst
● Evaluation and Assessment Specialist (businesses, financial institutions, city/state offices, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, marketing/survey research firms)
● GIS Analysts and Technicians
● Public and Private Sector researcher
● Graduate Degree pursuit in related fields

Will the field continue to grow?

According to the 2020 Ohio Job Outlook Employment Projections include growth predictions of 54 percent in Individual and Family Services, 40 percent in Social Assistance, 55 percent in Healthcare and Support, and 37 percent in Community and Social Services. Projected growth for market research analysts and marketing specialists is 41 percent. The Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky 2020 Jobs Outlook Report indicates that by 2020, 50 percent of all job openings in the region will require post-secondary credentials, including 92 percent of jobs that pay more than the 2010 median wage of $33,130. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that Survey Research is among the 25 fastest growing fields in the United States. ASO graduates will be well prepared to succeed in these growing fields.

How do I get started?

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