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Session 8: Advocating and Living in the New World

Welcome to the eighth session of “Accelerating Ahead: Miami’s Focus on the Future.” This session, “Advocating and Living in the New World,” focuses on several topics – interacting with elected officials, advancing research as a public intellectual, taking care of our families, and much more.

For easy viewing, start the playlist below to watch session eight in its entirety or scroll down to select individual presentations from some of Miami University’s thought leaders.

Session 8: Chair's Welcome – Advocating and Living in the New World

Watch the full Session 08 Playlist

Gentelligence: The Missing Link for the Future of Work

Play session eight video two

Megan Gerhardt

Professor of Management and Leadership, Director of Leadership, Robert D. Johnson Co-Director, Isaac and Oxley Center for Business Leadership

Advocating and Thriving in the New World

Play session eight video four

Nicole Hoyer, Sara Linder

Assistant Director of Government Relations and Director of Federal Relations

COVID-19, Continuing: Is the Pandemic Over?

Play session eight video five

Philip Smith

Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology; Nutrition, Health, and Public Health Director; COVID-19 Testing Team

Freedom of Expression

Play session eight video six

Robin Parker

Retired General Counsel

Advancing the Scientific Study of Families

Play session eight video seven

Anthony James

Associate Professor of Family Science and Social Work, Special Assistant to the President

Telling the World: Communicating Research and Expertise to, and Through, the News Media

Play session eight video eight

Jessica Rivinius

Senior Director, News and Media Relations, University Communications and Marketing