Guidelines for Promotion to Senior Lecturer or Senior Clinical/Professionally Licensed Faculty

Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

(Established prior to 2014)

It is expected that each member of the lecturer or clinical/professionally licensed faculty will contribute to the mission of the University through her/his achievements in teaching, academic advising and service.

Candidates are eligible for consideration for promotion after five years in rank.

To be promoted faculty need to be nominated by the Chair/Program Director for exceptional performance in

  • teaching excellence, pedagogical and curricular innovation, and professional growth
  • productive service
  • collegiality.

Each candidate for promotion will compile a dossier of no more than ten pages specifying her/his achievements. The ten-page dossier must include the following items:

  • multiple measures of evaluation of teaching quality over a five-year period
  • student evaluations of all courses every semester included in a teaching matrix that indicates course name, acronym and level, semester taught, enrollment, number of responses, and ratings of each question on the evaluation form
  • a reflective statement indicating how multiple indicators of teaching effectiveness have been used to attain excellence in the classroom
  • a description of pedagogical and curricular innovations undertaken, an assessment of student learning outcomes, and assessment of the success of specific innovations
  • the number of advisees served per semester, hours per week spent in advising, and evaluative statements by colleagues and students
  • a reflective statement indicating efforts undertaken and achievements realized in professional growth
  • descriptive statements of the extent of service to students, the department, division, and university

After the nominated Lecturer or Clinical/Professionally Licensed faculty prepares her/his dossier and submits it to the Chair/Program Director, s/he receives:

  1. formal written evaluation by the P&T committee at the department/program level
  2. formal written evaluation by the Chair/Program Director
  3. recommendation by the Dean and, when appropriate, by the regional Dean
  4. decision by the Provost

External letters will not be solicited and guidelines apply to all campuses.

Promotion includes a salary increment of $4000.